The officers daughter

The officers daughter

A Story by C.smooth

a story about a prom night abortion.


The Officers Daughter

It was around 10:30 pm when I got a call from the dispatcher, telling me of a disturbance at Marriott on Main Street.  On my way to the Marriott I remembered that it was the local high schools prom, so I just figured that it was just a bunch of knuckle-heads fighting over some girl.  When I arrived I was greeted by one of my fellow officers.  He had a sick look on his pale Irish face.  He said “There has been a murder here…the sickest I’ve seen since I been in Fayetteville son.”  He said as we walked inside of the hotel, walking pass the confused teenagers in their cheap prom outfits.  I asked him who was the victim, and to show me the scene of the crime. 

He showed me to the ladies room and told me to take a look inside.  I slowly opened the door; the bathroom room was littered with CSI guys.   There was a trail of blood leading from a stall to the trash can.  The entire bathroom smelled of afterbirth.  It was then I realized that a baby was abandoned, and was left for dead.  I asked where the baby? Like the concerned father that I am.   They told me that the baby was rushed to the hospital.  The next question I asked was what was used to cut the cord.  Once again those lovely CSI people told me what I wanted to hear; they told me that a broken Chris Brown CD was used cut the umbilical cord.  I was asked to be shown to the person who called this in.

When I went back outside I noticed most of the kids from before left.  Only a few remained but, they were there for questioning.  My partner pointed me to the girl who called this disaster in.  I had seen her before.  She and my daughter used to be good friends when they were younger, but parted ways after entering high school.  She was sitting on the curve crying in her pretty pink prom dress.  I sat on the curve next to her and said “hey… how are you doing this evening?  Do you mind telling me what went down here?”  I said in a calm gentle voice as she looked at the black pavement.  She lifted her head up at me and said “I’m sorry about…about Bridgett… Mr. Savoy…I’m really sorry.”  She said in-between weeping.  My eyes widened as she mentioned my daughter’s name.  I quickly said “sorry for what!...  Is she okay!?... Where is she at!?” I said worried for my daughters’ safety.  She looked me deep in eye and, said “you didn’t know Mr. Savoy… Bridgett was pregnant…” I was speechless, it couldn’t be possible I would have known if she was pregnant or not.  So many thoughts were going through my mind, but I couldn’t let emotions get in the way of my job.  So I asked her to tell me what went down here tonight.  She said “she came here around 7:40 with D’Angelo Tyler in a white hummer limo.  She was having a great time dancing and stuff.  Until I guessed her water broke which was like an hour after she got here.  So she excused herself to go to the bathroom.  No one thought she was going into labor anything, because she didn’t show any of the signs.  Bridgett was in the bathroom for about an hour.  When she came out it was like nothing had happened to her, and went back to grinding on ever boy at the prom.  When I went to go use the bath room I let out a big scream, and started saying “it’s a baby in the girls room” over and over.  Then I called the police, and that’s when I guess she left with D’Angelo.” She said as she was scratching her scalp.  I told her thank you, and asked did they tell anyone where they went off to? She said “there was another guy with they call tea bag.  But he didn’t leave with them though, in fact he’s standing right behind you…” she said as she was walking to her limo. 

When I turned around their was big, tall, dark as midnight looking boy whose face was covered in acne standing right behind me.  He must be juicing I thought as I was about to question him, so I said “I know you were with my daughter and her date… if I were you I would start talking.”   I said as I was beating my night stick in my hand.  His face showed signs of him being worried, and then tears started to roll down his face.  He said “Sir I’ll tell you everything, I don’t want to lose my scholarship.  I don’t even like D’Angelo he’s a dick.”  He said as he whined and whined like a little.  So I told him to calm down and start from the beginning.  He dried his face his with a handkerchief, and said “the limo came around my house around six.  Your daughter and him were already in booed up.  On the way to prom they were talking about her pregnancy.  Bridgett said she was due today, and she and D’Angelo were talking about how they were going to get rid of the baby.  I felt sick hear them talk about killing that baby.  They finally settled on her just having the baby in the bathroom, and ditching it in a trash can and covering it with paper towels *TEARS*.  Yet again this child started to tear up on me again.  So I asked why he crying so much “Because that was my child!” he said yelling at me like had just lost everything he had ever had.  I couldn’t say anything in regards to that… so I asked where did they go off too?  He told me that they were still in the hotel in room 521.

With that said I ran as fast as I could inside of the hotel.  On my way inside I informed everyone involved in this crisis on my walkie-talkie.  When I got to room 521 I bussed through the door like the kool-aid man.  But I was disappointed because my daughter was nowhere to be found.  Before me was scared black boy in his under wear.  I said “WHERE IS SHE BOY!” with the roar of lion.  He feel down to the floor and put his hands on his head, and said “Sh…She… she ain’t here man.   The limo driver took her home 30 minutes ago.”  He said scared for his poor little life.  I told him to get on his feet and look me dead in the eye, and to tell me what happened.  He said “Man I don’t care about her I just wanted her for her body.  That baby probably wasn’t even mine, all due respect sir your daughter is what we call a jump around.  Am I going to be arrested?”  I could shoot him right then and there, but I didn’t I just let my buddies cup him up for conspiracy and attempt at murder or any other charge they can think of.

I walked out of the hotel thinking about what I should do.  There were two victims here tonight my grandchild, and myself.  I couldn’t bring myself to arrest my own child.  So I radioed a rookie cop by the name of Smooth to do it for me.  I sat in my patrol car across the street from my house.  It was hard watching that light skin yellow boy drag my daughter out of the house in handcuffs.  I don’t blame her for this crime…I blame myself.  This night has a happy ending; the doctors were able to save the baby.

© 2010 C.smooth

Author's Note

This was rushed I wrote it for my CJ class last year. And yes it's full of mistakes enjoy

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