C.Smooth on being deep

C.Smooth on being deep

A Poem by C.smooth


As a citizen of the world I feel it's my obligation to speak the truth,
and say what ever comes to my mind. When Write I be come high like a
space man is outer space. I get higher than the Jefferson deluxe
apartment in the sky, I get higher than president bush on air force one
after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In my elevated state of mind I see
the and feel the truth. In the truth you know you are always right no
matter what. I able to go deeper than the street poets in the park
trying to hustle for their next meal. Deeper than the Buddhist monk
trying to seek enlightenment through years of meditation. My style goes
deeper than talking about the number of blacks murdered by slavery,
racism, capitalism, crime, poverty, disease, and genocide combined. My
style is fresh like a water fall always flowing into a river. I draw my
inspiration from the great thinkers and revolutionaries. we all can be
deep it's in all of us. open your eyes, your mind, your hear, and most
importantly your soul. Having a soul is one of the many gift from
heavenly father we receive at birth. I believe we all have good souls
it's only when you stray from your path in life, your soul turns sour
like a bitter fruit. in the words of MLK, "Every man must decide
whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the
darkness of destructive selfishness."

© 2010 C.smooth

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impresive I wish it were longer

Posted 9 Years Ago

You have a lot of truth in your words, the lines run deep into each other and flow perfectly. Your words indicate more then the poem, it articulates a deeper meaning into life.
"In my elevated state of mind I see
the and feel the truth. In the truth you know you are always right no matter what"
^^ These lines are amazing...speechless :)

Keep writing, always

Posted 9 Years Ago

I rely love this poem it expresses the truth of the world and that is not just any form a prejudice that people should be focused on but finding the truth which is much "deeper" then any prejudice

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Annspolis, MD

I was born on August,23, 1990 in Annapolis, MD. I always had a huge imagination growing up. My writing skills didn't really start to develop till I got into high school. I would love to be like Spi.. more..

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