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I can't be your lover if I can't be your friend

I can't be your lover if I can't be your friend

A Poem by C.smooth

just a real poem


I can’t be your friend if I can’t be your lover

Because nobody going to treat me better

Nor love me better I wanna be with you forever

You’re the apple of my eye and the shining star in the sky

But when I take a bite you taste so bitter

And now you got me stressin

Leaving me asking what I’m gonna do for love?

How man steeple barriers and water pits must I hurdle to secure your admiration?

Not enough because I’m still racing even though I’d already won

I can’t be your friend know you picked a 3rd round pick over me

Like Tupac I get around because I don’t belong in the pound

Sweetie lovers and friends just can’t be

Because it ain’t right for you and me

I was a fool I played the field like Easter Bunny

Rather than a five star general like I was supposed to

I feel bad oh so bad but they’re not point in getting mad

I feel no need play 808 heart breaks because it’s too depressing

I’d rather laugh and rejoice about the past and we could have been

But I will not allow myself to do so

Because I’ma man of reality and the present

I have to live up my integrity

Because it’s all I have in this world filled with insanity

 I have to move on because we can’t get along

The bond I thought we had was oh so strong

I’d rather lie to myself than to admit I was wrong

I have to sever our ties like a gladiator slicing through bone and muscle

It hurts me so I know it will hurt you too

 You may not show it but I know u will

I can never be your friend

Because we will never fit together like the pieces of a puzzle

I hope you can understand…for I do love you

© 2010 C.smooth

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Added on June 24, 2010
Last Updated on June 24, 2010



Annspolis, MD

I was born on August,23, 1990 in Annapolis, MD. I always had a huge imagination growing up. My writing skills didn't really start to develop till I got into high school. I would love to be like Spi.. more..

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