Once Upon A Reality

Once Upon A Reality

A Story by C.A. Lucas

Once upon a reality,
there was a girl who lived in a trailer park. She had tacky, cheap clothing and a beautiful smile. Her 

parents were divorced and she lived with her mom, two brothers, and a brother in a dirty and repulsively 

hideous mobile home. She went to the biggest public high school in the county, and lived in the smallest 

neighborhood in the state. She loved music, but hated academics, and had no chance of ever going to 

college. Her family was dirt poor, and she could hardly buy enough food for the family, so she had to drop 

out of high school in the tenth grade. She supported her family for three years until one of her brothers was 

beaten to death in a bar one night. Her mother struggled to fight depression, and soon killed herself with 

the power of drugs. Her sister ran away with a boy after their mother died. With everyone gone, she and her 

brother Dylan supported not the family, but themselves for two more years, and upgraded their home. She 

was 22 and single, trying to stay alive. And, for some odd reason, despite her hard work and huge sacrifices 

she made for money, the money never seemed to come back.

She was in her brother's room when she found it. One hundred dollars. In the back of the medicine 
cabinet, on the top shelf. In her rage, she kept the money and packed her bags. She left early the next 
morning, leaving her brother alone with as much money as a ten year old would have, no car, and a home 
not much better than the one they grew up in. She drove as far as she could, not knowing where she was 
going. She just... drove. She bought gas and some food with the $100 dollars her brother had stolen for 
himself. She didn't sleep for three days straight, she simply drove. Then, she ran out of gas. She'd also run 
out of money. She was in the middle of nowhere, stranded with a broken heart, a weak mind, a trashed body, 
and run-down car in the rain. That night, she slept by her car on the road, vulnerable to cars passing by, 
almost bound to get run-over. When she woke, she saw the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen. The sun 
rose over the New Mexican hills. The clouds where parted to where the sun could peek through, as if they 
were people stepping aside so the queen could get through. The queen shone on the clouds, and lit them to 
a purple-pink glow. The queen was canopied by a shimmering, bright rainbow. A flock of birds flew straight 
towards the sun, their queen, looking to her for guidance. The girl (Memory) flew with them.

© 2013 C.A. Lucas

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This has such a heavy poetic element to it, I almost feel like it's been misclassified. I the despair and heartbreak was palpable in this. I just think of how she felt at the end after running out of everything and having to face the fact that she'd abandoned her brother.

Posted 11 Years Ago

C.A. Lucas

11 Years Ago

Thank you for the kind review. I wrote this on a wiz, and I'm glad you liked it. And sorry about the.. read more

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