Deaf vs. Blind

Deaf vs. Blind

A Poem by C.A. Lucas

I'm locked in a blank room with only an elegant, black piano. The beautiful pianist's hair is bleach blonde and waves so beautifully. Her eyes are large and brown. The way she moves is so graceful, gentle. Her petite fingers gingerly, yet solidly force each key down, creating a beautiful vibration. I feel it flowing through my blood and shaking my bones. My head buzzes. But I do not recognize the song she plays. I try to feel the high and low notes and interpret the tune, but my ears are required. When she finishes, and half of my torture is over, I clap for her, because although I don't know how she sounded, she looked dazzling. She stands up, her black dress flowing around her like angel. Her shiny heels click and echo around the room- I feel it in my forearms. She stands so close to me. I can smell her minty breath and the charming edge to her fragrance. She strokes my arms and says something. I notice that her white teeth are perfectly lined up as her lips stretch into an ear-to-ear smile. It warms my heart, but then ice fell over it and defeated the warmth. Her mouth was moving and her grin squinted her shining eyes. She was saying something and was so engaged. She looked at me expectantly. A tear rolled down my cheek, as it was the only response I was able to give.
I rub my toes into the sand and let the shallow water wash over them, bringing the sand away from me. I walk slowly, carefully across the bumpy sand. I rub my bare feet over it to smooth over my path. I jump as he takes my hand and leads me to the grass. I plop down and rub my arms around me. The grass prickles my bare back. I don't mind. At least I can feel things. He sits beside me and strokes my face. I ask him, "Are the stars out?" He replies, "Yes. They are so bright. You wouldn't imagine." For the first time in a while, I smile. His voice is so soothing. I can tell from his voice that he's on my right, slightly in front of me. Probably sitting up. I reach for him. We kiss once, and he gets up. "Where are you going?" "You'll see. Stay there." My heart sinks as he leaves me. But he comes back quickly and sits down. Something echoes as his bottom hits the hard earth. He strokes the guitar and sings in soft voice. I sing along and we create a tune sweet as honey. It seems my heart goes up and down with each note and pumps for every beat. I let the melody sink in as I lay back again and look at how I perceive the stars, pretending I'm gazing at them like everyone else in this world. There are some really big, bright ones and the faded ones speckling the empty space. I "look" at the moon and "spot" each crater and every hole. A cool wind softly blows and rustles the grass. It pulls my hair out of my face and ends his song. I feel him lay down next to me. I focus on the waves crashing on the beach. Each minute they get louder. In a flash, I stand up and sprint across the sand without stumbling once. I splash into the water, fighting the waves and go deep enough so that my face is under. I don't open my eyes. I just let the chill run through my bones. Then I feel a warm essence next to me. He's here, right beside me, enhancing every sense. Even my eyesight. I suddenly get colder as I look up and realize I can't see the stars, twinkling in heaven.

© 2013 C.A. Lucas

Author's Note

C.A. Lucas
Hope you like it! If you encounter any errors, please tell me so that we may prevent the next reader from being distracted by a mistake. Thank you for reading and I really appreciate any reviews!

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That was absolutely beautiful

Posted 11 Years Ago

C.A. Lucas

11 Years Ago

Thank you so much! I'm glad you read it :)
Lost in Wonderland

11 Years Ago

no problem it was amazing!

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