A Chapter by Sira YR

The beginning of A.L.I.C.E


The sounds of running machinery and the yelling of onlookers were the first and only thing that could be heard as he entered the large deluxe.  A sense of excitement filled the air as people all around him placed their bets hoping for fortune to smile upon them.  People of all colors, sizes, and shapes gathered around yelling indistinct things at one another, each one pretending to be someone different for the night.  Someone important.  Someone special… in the hopes that when they left their fantasies would morph into reality.  That was the thing he loved about the casino.  You could leave behind the stress of life and for a few hours pretend to be a whole other person.  Whether it was to enjoy a vacation,  to escape a hectic lifestyle, or if one was simply looking for a sense of adventure and maybe a one-night stand, this was the place to be.  Starling Hotel and Casino, one of the most popular places in the country.  

“Good evening sir, we’ve been expecting you,” an elderly man greeted respectfully snapping him out of his thoughts and snapping his gaze to him. He reminded him of one of those servers you’d find in a high class 1900’s restaurant- a black button-up vest over a white dress shirt donning him along with black pants and dress shoes completed with one of those white aprons that you tie around your waist.  To complete the look was a comb-over style hairdo with a color that eerily matched the old grey eyes- which were to his pleasure fixed to the floor- that, he could deduce, had seen much.   He carried a silver round tray holding a single wineglass which was halfway filled with a strange pink liquid.  It seemed to beckon to be drank and that’s exactly what he did- downing the substance in less than five seconds before setting the glass back on the tray and speaking to the waiter.  His deep, baritone voice seemed to overpower the loud shouts and screams of the drunk gambling civilians.   


Waiter immediately answered.  

“They are in private room B,” he set the tray down on a conveniently placed table before bowing to him, “Come, I will escort you,”

Wordlessly he followed waiter toward a set of glass stairs that led to a balcony overlooking the entire ground floor of the casino.  The red and gold theme that flowed throughout the ground floor gave the ‘gaming area’ a royal and classy look- then again, this was a classy place.  The floor was gold with thick beautiful swirls of red in the gaming area, while the walkway was just plain shiny gold.   Long, swirling pillars turned into canopies with mini chandeliers framed each cylinder poker table- half of which were filled with old men with women who appeared to be eighteen to twenty years old by his estimation.  After passing the poker table section which seemed to frame the entire game area, the slot machines rang out into the air harmonizing the various “Eureka’s” and “Dang it’s” of their different players.  The room was so vast, that he couldn’t see how they were arranged, but there was no doubt in his mind that it had an organization in a way that the sounds from each section harmonized instead of clashed.  He didn’t notice that waiter had been standing patiently next to a gold elevator behind him nor did he notice that he had been gripping the gold railing that accentuated the clear glass siding.  Letting out a quiet sigh, he reached into the left side pocket in his dress pants and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter before inhaling the intoxicating fumes.   He then turned around to see waiter waiting silent with his head bowed and eyes still cast to the floor.

“Let’s be going,” he commanded, making waiter spring into action.  He pressed the ‘up’ button on the elevator before stepping aside to let him enter the doors first. All of his years working at the place taught him not to show any sign of disrespect as it could cost him his life- especially with a man like this. It also taught him to be able to tell the difference between a truly powerful man from one who was just posturing- the latter being more common than the former.  Ironically although he worked there for years, waiter hated casinos with a passion. He saw them as a way for the wealthy to exploit others into wasting their money and enjoying as well as for the victims to become addicted to the ways of evil.  And all for what- a thrill?  A few hours of merriment and insane drunkeness only to find out when you become sober that you have emptied your bank account.  He had never gambled in his life and he never would.  That was a promise.  Resigned, he entered the elevator and pressed the floor number to lead them to their destination.  


The room was dim, and if it were not for the light of the large fireplace illuminating and heating the room, it would have been dark and cold.  Red carpet lined the floor and the walls were a simple midnight black.  A red chair and footrest, loveseat and a table were the only furniture in the room, the chair being occupied by a woman sitting cross-legged with a glass of brandy in her hand. She wore a black sparkly off the shoulder dress with a left slit that reached mid-thigh and her black hair was done in an elegant updo that brought out the silver dangles that hung from her ears. No other jewelry could be found on her, save the silver ring with the capital ‘A’ on her middle finger- it was on the hand that was not holding the glass.  Her brown eyes scanning the dark room, seemingly having no trouble with the dim light.  In every corner of the room stood a man hiding in the shadows where the firelight didn’t quite reach.  Each one wore black sunglasses and a black leather jacket but apart from that, their features were hidden.  The sound of a door opening brought the woman out of her thoughts.   Without rising or even turning her gaze to acknowledge his presence she spoke one word of greeting.


The man grunted before turning to waiter, “You are dismissed.”

After the man scurried out, he strode towards the loveseat  sitting next to the chair and stared at the fire, still smoking his cigarette.   Her eyes were closed but her nose scrunched up in distaste.  

“You know smoking is bad for your health, dealer,”

“My health,” he replied his baritone voice snapping her out of her thoughts once more, “is the least of our concerns.  What’s the status?”

“We have located them.  All four of them, and we are ready to make our move.” she finished now turning her gaze to him.   

“Then it is time to get our deck together before they reach them first.  You know how important this is,” he returned eye contact with her.

“I know, but I wanted to let them live a normal life for a little while longer.  You know once they enter, there is no turning back.  They will have to watch there backs from then least until they-”

Dealer interrupted.  “Time is not on our side, Alice.  Now is not the time to let your heart cloud your emotions.  You know what your duty is. It’s our job to keep them alive and when the time comes, to deliver them where they need to go.  You know this,” he took her hand with the ring and squeezed it.  “You promised her before she died, right before you inherited the title ALICE and all that it entailed that you would do what needs to be done when the time came.  They are closing in even as we speak.  We must remain vigilant and more importantly, we must remain detached.  There life was never ‘normal’ just an illusion- an illusion of our own design and now we must destroy that illusion and collect them.” He let go of her hand and pulled out a brown envelope that had the words “CLASSIFIED” stamped on the front.  She took it and opened it while he put out his cigarette.   He watched with impartial black eyes as she read it’s contents.  

“They already have this much information?”she questioned uneasily.  

“Yes and they will be closing in. You must go and collect them.  They must be brought here for their own safety.  I don’t care how you do it,  you must bring them here by any means necessary,” he stood up to leave.

“Yes, but-”

“No buts, Alice.  You must deliver them.  No more time can be wasted.  They may hate us, but at least they will be alive to hate us.  You are to collect them by the end of the week, Alice,” he said.  He was already at the door about to leave when he looked back at her distressed face.  “By any means necessary,”  he ended before exiting, leaving her to her thoughts.  

A resigned sigh came out as she looked at the file.  Dealer was right and she knew it.  Their so-called normal life was only an illusion of her own making. It couldn’t be put off any longer.  Rising she brought the file to the fire and tossed it in.  Her fingers with her ring as she watch it burn.  A promise was made  and come hell or high water she would keep it.  

“Everything is in place.  Begin operation,  Q.U.E.E.N  ASAP.  There’s no time to waste.” she commanded.  

The sound of a door opening and shutting brought her out of her thoughts.  She had to do this.  She only hoped that they were mentally prepared, because ready or not, it begins.  

© 2017 Sira YR

Author's Note

Sira YR
Okay here is the prologue I came up with. Now I have never been to a casino so I am not sure how I did as far as describing the interior of one. However I described it to the best of my abilities, so if anyone has anything they want to add in the way of description, don't hesitate to leave it in the reviews or comments and I will revise my descriptions when I go back and edit the chapter some more (like I said this is just the first draft). Thank you, and have a good day or night :)

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I really feel that you have worked hard on this piece, as from the descriptions from the beginning I feel have been well thought out and the reaer can clearly view the casino from the eyes of the person you are writing about. You gave enough details for me in particular to give a real life buzz which comes from the world of casinos.

Your words seem to flow effortlessly as you go on to describe more of the casione - that isn't easy to do and I for one really appreciate the amount of time and effort it must have taken to construct these words into some rather 'grand' sentences.

The transitiion from descriptive writing to what I thought was some rather impressive dialogue was smooth and solid, again just how writing is mean't to be. Some people have a weakness in either one of the things, you seem to have none. I remember when I first came across your work and thought how impressive it was then - Since those times have come and gone, your writing has gone from strength to strength.

I for one want to know what Q.U.E.E.N is .



Posted 5 Years Ago

Sira YR

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much. I will be posting the first chapter on here soon; still doing some tweaking. It'.. read more

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