A Poem by Sira YR

Nonsensical rambling alert :/


My soul is empty

My mind is blank

In a world full of people...

I feel alone

But not by myself

When I’m at home

I feel as though

I’m venturing somewhere else

I’d rather be alone

Exploring the vastness of my mind

Or anywhere

Where there is no living soul

To pay me mind

I’d rather be single

To lock my heart and soul in a safe

Because at least then

I’d surely know

That it would never break

I’m an introvert

I’m a recluse

I thrive the best

When I’m at rest

In perfect solitude

I’m a lonely one

But not by myself

I’m kept company by

The thoughts inside

My subconscious complex

I’m an introvert

I’m insecure

I’m riddled by a strange addiction

For which there is no cure

I’m an introvert

A weirdo, Abnormal

Who’s not the life of the party

Who reads to find escape

Who locks all emotions


True feelings

And throws away her key

I’m an introvert...

I find peace in sorrow

Happiness in anguish

And find solitude my friend

And dark gloomy days a blessing

I’m an introvert

But more importantly

Despite all my problems

And overwhelming shortcomings

Forever I’ll be me

© 2017 Sira YR

Author's Note

Sira YR
Yet another nonsensical rambling hehe :/ You all know the routine.

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Hi Asir, just came across your verse and there is such honesty and expression flowing from your words...i recently discovered how beautiful silence is, removing yourself from noise. It creates an inner peace that allows you to discover who you are. Lovely words. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sira YR

5 Years Ago

Hi to you as well Hebe. Thank you for your positive review and I apologize for not responding back .. read more
Every stanza was relatable, as I could connect to these things that you describe. I thrive on being alone and I often times withdraw from the person that I am talking to because there's only so much talking I can handle before my desire for solitude kicks in. Some think I am rude because of that, but... It's no use explaining. Though, I like how at the end of your poem there is a sense of self-acceptance. Being an introvert is not bad. While it can seem like a curse, not to mention that society is tailored towards extraverts, it can be a wonderful blessing. I envy my extraverted friends because they can always make people laugh and are easy to hang out with. Even though it's easy to hang out with me, I'm not that sociable. However, people will see value in you for other things, things that you would much rather appreciate than being the "life of the party".

I had to cut myself short because I tend to ramble when I read such wonderful poetry. In all, this poem was weaved beautifully and allows anyone who is reading to connect. It shows you are truly not alone. Thanks for sharing this!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Sira YR

5 Years Ago

Thank you so much for reviewing this, Sapientiem. Like you, although I enjoy hanging out with friend.. read more

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Sira YR
Sira YR

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