***Four Hours Earlier***

***Four Hours Earlier***

A Chapter by Sira YR

Flashback on what led up to the untimely demise of Harmony and Jacobi's parents :/


“Lemme get this straight,” Jacobi said all dressed in his pajamas for bed which consisted of a long-sleeved baseball shirt and grey pajama pants that didn’t match.  His lazy blonde hair hung in front of his green eyed, freckled face. His hands clutched the blue blanket as he tried to talk some sense into his elder sister- which was an effort in futility.   “You want to go to a senior party filled with BOYS, where you can do God knows what for a couple of hours… and you want me to cover for you with mama and papa,”

“And he gets it.  Someone give this young man a medal,” Harmony replied sarcastically doing a once-over to make sure that she had everything she needed for the night before leaving the room.  

“What do you want me to tell them, Harmony?  They will ground you for going and then ground me for letting you go,”

Harmony turned to see her little brother waving his hands frantically, the blanket flapping as he did so.  

“What do you mean let me go?  I’ll go if I want to,”  a scoff escaped her lips.  

“If that’s the case why are you even bothering to tell me where you are going?  Oh wait I forgot, because I’m the one covering for you every time you do something like this.”

She thought about it for a minute before deciding he had a point.  “But that doesn’t mean you let me go, it just means that you are covering for me.  Now I gotta go.  The party’s probably started already and I don’t wanna be late, and before you say it. I promise to be home by eleven okay?  Can you hold them off until then Jacobi?”

She watched as he considered it for a minute like he was weighing his options.  The boy was just too much for his age, her mind screamed.  It’s not like he had much going on up there.  

“Fine, but remember Harmony what dad says: A man’s word is his bond.  At the stroke of eleven you should be back here. If you are not, I’m not responsible if you get caught. Understand?”  he said looking her dead in the eye.  That’s how she would know that he was serious about what he was saying.  

“Alright, bossman.  I’ll be back by eleven.  Be good and watch my room for me,” she said messing up his head playfully before sidestepping him and exiting the house.  Closing the door to her room, he sighed.  Now to come up with a suitable excuse to his parents without lying to them, he thought.  Was that even possible?  

© 2018 Sira YR

Author's Note

Sira YR
Due to the graphic content of this part and of this story, it is recommended only for those fourteen and up- and I mean those who are actually fourteen and over ;)

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Added on December 16, 2017
Last Updated on January 19, 2018
Tags: flashback, death, sorrow, graphic, thrilling, government, torture


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Sira YR

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