Come Little Children

Come Little Children

A Story by CreativeCookie

Supernatural with a twist. If you don't like the thought of murder or spirits this isn't the story for you

She followed the voice into the woods, stuffed puppy in hand, unafraid of the dark, for once. A woman in a white dress appears among the trees, sweetly calling her name. The little girl takes the woman's outstretched hand, skipping along as the woman sings her strange song. Soon, she sees the woman's dress getting spots of red and starts to feel a twinge of fear, but the the queer song quickly soothes her; it's dark meaning unheeded. As they go, the woman's dress gets covered in more splashes of deep red, the little girl growing tired. She stops skipping and looks up to see a group of children around her age.
They start waving and she smiles, waving back. As they get closer, she sees the children's mouths moving, but, no words are coming out. They start motioning desperately, waving erratically. The little girl starts to feel frightened and confused, but quickly calms down as the woman picks her up. She yawns, holding her stuffed puppy close as the woman's dress slowly gets more splotches, languidly bleeding together. The woman cradles her against her chest as the girl starts sucking her thumb, her eyes heavy with what she believes is to be sleep. The woman runs her fingers through the girl's flaxen hair, kissing her rosy cheek as her big, innocent blue eyes close for the last time. She lays the child on a bed of moss, a trees root forming a pillow for her deathbed. The little girl clutches her worn puppy, thumb still in her mouth, seeming only asleep. The girl's spirit appears among the group of children, of victims, and the woman smiles "Welcome to my garden of shadows." She croons

© 2014 CreativeCookie

Author's Note

Just an idea I had, might make a sequel with more details. Have at it!

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This was really cool! I love it!

So, a question. Doc the woman physically kill the little girl with like a knife or something? Or how are they both bleeding?

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

She absorbs their life and it's represented by her clothes turning red. She doesn't physically do an.. read more
Silent Wolf

7 Years Ago

Ah, alright. That makes sense.

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Tuscaloosa, AL

I love to write, read, sing, and act. I write all kinds of things songs, poems, stories all that kind of thing in all different genres. I mostly do fantasy, though, it's my favorite! Someday I hope to.. more..

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