The Conversation of Expectation by C.E.K. Nelson , oil painting by author

The Conversation of Expectation by C.E.K. Nelson , oil painting by author

A Poem by C.E.K. Nelson

Art and poetry creating awareness for all . Title of painting: Derby Horse Pep Talk.

The Conversation of Expectation

He whispers-
you can do this,
don't loose face.
You were bred to
take this race.

Ears prick forward,
then back...
feeling the restriction
of the tack.

Tension builds-
anticipation of
the trill..
spooking thoughts
of a kill.

A million dollars he could make.
A death sentence
at stake.
Hungry dogs and humans wait,
for those who never
make the pace.

Over breeding,
over seeding-
The racing fields,
the killing fields...
pushing up the daffodils.

Cutting knives with every stride.
Place or show a beautiful life.
For a slaughter
a dollar...

On track
At 2 years in.
Graduating with
a break
with a pin.
Exploiting the spirit
the will to win.
-C.E.K. Nelson

I am not opposed to the "sport of kings"... horse racing can be beautiful, the ultimate illustration of human and animal working as a team, in essence, becoming one. Most sports today are business and horse racing is no exception. Like many business ventures, this sport has been exploited and manipulated by those involved for the sake of greed, without regard to the athlete... The horse. The horse can not speak for himself. If a horse as a lobbyist entered the arena, what would be spoken- nay be the sayer against the dollar . There are the activists that fight against "big business" for the welfare of the less fortunate. Why do we always expect the government to be our moral compass, pointing us to the direction of moral or possible inmoral actions without giving much thought to the action. We use the the White House as our scape goat. Why shouldn't we expect more from our fellow human, big business or not, to conduct themselves/ and rein their venture with moral responsibility. A sad STATE of affairs. Most people know the difference between right and wrong. There are many ways to get to the finish line without exploiting the innocent and eventually coming in first- it is called karma.

A note: thank you to those involved in horse racing who consider the welfare of the athlete... The horse.

© 2013 C.E.K. Nelson

Author's Note

C.E.K. Nelson
Thank you for reading my efforts. Please click on image next to title to view artwork.

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Maybe some...that is Until their racing career is over at about 4 or 5 for most- then they become a liability to the owner unless they can earn their keep at stud- most don't . The cost of owning and caring for a horse is astronomical. I own two and have owned and ridden horses all of my life. I live in an area where some of the largest breeding farms exist and some of the largest equine rescue organizations reside. Sadly, because of costs, most of these organizations are disappearing. Perhaps you should look into thoroughbred race horses after retirement and then perhaps you will change your view point! P.S. most horse will live into their late 20s if given proper care.

Posted 11 Years Ago

those horses live in better houses than i do

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great poem. I liked the way the short lines interspersed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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C.E.K. Nelson

11 Years Ago

Well said! Thank you for that!!!
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I really enjoyed this poem I horse back ride I do English and I know what's going on in my perspective I hope it's the same but we all have are own I really liked this very nice and I really liked your art work
keep up the awesome work

Posted 11 Years Ago

C.E.K. Nelson

11 Years Ago

I too am an equestrian - hunt seat. I am surrounded, where I live, by horses bred for racing. Too ma.. read more
 unbrakable fragile girl

11 Years Ago

Thank you and your welcome any time with your writing talent I could post comments all day and I ha.. read more
C.E.K. Nelson

11 Years Ago

Yes, so true!! Thank you again!!!:)

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Added on June 9, 2013
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C.E.K. Nelson
C.E.K. Nelson


I am an artist and budding author and poet of work that speaks of social issues in hope of awakening awareness. In addition to my poems and artwork, I provide insight to my poetry and art - for better.. more..