Cultan Names

Cultan Names

A Chapter by Celeste Lucy Zaveri

Here are some Cultan-based names. Gender, element, origin, and meaning included to help you make the wisest, most educated, of choices!


Choosing a Cultan name, not only for your spiritual workings, but also for your children so their birth name shall be magickal, is very important. In fact, most Cultans choose to be addressed by their magickal name over their birth name, and if you ever have a baby, or if you are choosing a name for yourself, the following list may help you (these are first magickal names):

1.     Moonshine - this means ‘she-who-shines-like-the-moon,’ and is a female’s name. It is a name ruled by the element of Spirit. (Remember that Within houses Spirit and Spirit houses Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. In the chapter, The Elements, we shall explain more.) It is closely related to shining bright (such as being yourself, and loving who you are and unlocking your inner goddess) and the moon, as well as night. A sun- or day-oriented Cultan female would not choose the name Moonshine, yet a night- or moon-oriented one would, and this name’s most popular among Cultanistic meanings. Element: Spirit. Gender: Female. Meaning: “she-who-shines-like-the-moon.” Ethnicity: The name-bearer’s choice.

2.     Erebio - this is connected to Erebus. The first Cultan ever, Celeste Lucy Zaveri, had a friend named Nyxia Night. Note the ia coming after Nyx. Nyx’s consort was Erebus, and note the io coming after Ereb. A male name that is popular among Cultans. Element: Spirit. Gender: Male. Meaning: follower of Erebus. Ethnicity: The name bearer’s choice, as with EVERY name, yet is considered neo-Greek.

3.     Sunshine. A very sun-based name, Moonshine’s opposite and equal name. Element: Fire. Gender: Neutral. Meaning: person-that-shines-like-the-sun. Ethnicity: None.

4.     Varden. Element: Earth. Gender: Male. Meaning: from the green hill. Ethnicity: Celtic (or, if you wish not for it to be that way, something else or neutral).

5.     Opal. Element: Water. Gender: Female, traditionally. Meaning: Insight. (We will stop showing ethnicities. If you’re curious for them, simply look them up. But it matters too little for us.)

6.     Eenuahs. Element: Air. Meaning: Independence.  Gender: Female, usually. And a note of it: this is Shaunee spelled backwards, and Shaunee means God’s grace. This could be considered as saying you have Goddess’s grace instead, or that you don’t follow what firm stereotypes call “graceful.”

7.     Enihsnoom. Element: None. Meaning: darkness, mysterious ways. Gender: Neutral. Note: It is Moonshine spelled backwards, so it could mean darkness.

8.     Nyxia. Element: Water, Spirit. Meaning: Nyx follower. Gender: Female. Note: For a male, this name would be Nyxio.

© 2016 Celeste Lucy Zaveri

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Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Any other name ideas? Message the author, Celeste Lucy Zaveri!

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Added on September 22, 2016
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A Chapter by Celeste Lucy Zaveri