Down While Brown

Down While Brown

A Poem by CLou Narvaez

Tears,sweat,and fears;they continue to knock at the invisible door of the Rio Grande

_Down While Brown_

Play festive rumblings,
Sounding joys of the past.
All around you Brown people.
How long did it last?

Innocent children.
Little girls dressing dolls,
mud pies, sticks,and laughter.
Scraped knees.
It's not just a toy.
Soon they'll come looking for your little boys.

Carry guns.
Family secrets,any weapon will do.
It's not a stranger.
It's nothing brand new.
But tomorrow your joining.
Involuntarily volunteered
We'll take all your innocence.
Yes it's true.

Destroy your existence.
They say follow me.
Chopping,erasing the ancestry tree.
Their coming.....
Their coming.....
Their coming for you.

Rise up little children.
Las Gangas,the danger,
Slithering commandos come too.
Their whirlwind corruption.
It's really true.
Their coming....
....... Their coming for you.

Es tiempo,se dice.
It's time me must go....
The joy of stars shining.
Reviving the skies.
Survival the fittest,many children will die.
Loved ones disappearing.
Lagrimas falling until they run dry.

You were born in America.
"Lock " you "up".
They don't care.
The temperature's rising.
Buyer beware.

North or South doesn't matter.
You know you are Brown.
What's your worth.
Travel in silence....
Any part of our mourning.

Of my Mother Earth

Talents erased.
Visions blinded by loss
Broken families are crying.
Parents faithful,no longer can hide.
Take a stance.
Gone are illusions of truth to romance.
Economics... Suffering
Corrupt governments...violence!
It's time to flee.
Es tiempo! Queremos vivir!

Walking many a mile.
Tattered shoes.
Son las chanclas.
Hunger pains,green pastures, mountains,endless horizons they cross through the plains.

Waterway boundaries,rivers or creeks
Life saving moments slip away slowly.
Blood,sweat,and tears.
Making way through the shadows and demons they fear.

Seek asylum.
Remaining their strength.
Never embrace unforgiving.
Don't accept a defeat.
Refuse to fall in disgrace.
Mis Amores....
Mi sangre....They will not take.

Their rats of all colors
"Infestation" They say.
Go back where you came from.
Not invited to stay.
Go away!!

Jugs once filled with nectar,
have now filled with dirt.
The damage is soul felt.
Deep down saddened hurt.
Danger or safety; the terrain they will go.
As deserts grow hotter,
hidden dangers unknown
The journey continues to find a new home.

Small bags a plenty...
Started inch by inch.
Step by step.
The closer the distance.
The further they get.

Craving one more tomorrow.
Staying there they'd regret.
A life full of sorrow.
They'll never forget.
School is for children and a story for fish.
Seeking food,shelter, freedom.
They'll make and serve their own dish.

Come Mijos,Mijitas.
Let's gather our things.
Thousands of miles
Start walking.
Hope peace it will bring.

Infants and children into cages they'll be.
Save their precious Angels.
Their commadity.
Their very existence.....Community.

Add a seat at the table.
Start with a slice but feed many.....
And many we're able.
Come enjoy the fruits of our nation.
You deserve to be free.
We are able to feed those in hunger.
Far more than just me.

Innocence journey in their parents arms.
For they seek an asylum
"To you more harm."

Gather provisions and morsels.
Meeting others "like me."
The further that's traveled;
The more it becomes "we."
Across several countries to seek a place to call home.
Illusions of grace's,honor,
This is the land of all races.
.....from sea.... to sea.
The home of the brave.
The home of the free Welcome embraces.
Their new sanctity.

The waves of the water crashing the shores.
"We"don't have much further.
Together "we" go.
Seeks a new morning.
A tomorrow that sings.
Cumbias,corridas,festive cultural things.

Knocking and knocking once more.
"We're seeking asylum.
I'm at the invisible door."

"You there!? What you want?
Your Brown don't you see.?!"

"We'll keep on knocking Please open the door. I'll keep on knocking and knock once more."

The chosen court Jester arises.
"Hello..... Goodbye.
You are Brown."
"We DON'T... want you.
Stay...We will say what you have in store.
Lose your children,your freedom.
It's not up for debate.
Your criminal bound.
Get away from our gate.!
Go Away!"

Our new leader's a tyrant
A wannabe.
He's playing " right" into an autocracy.
Get out of my town your Brown.
I will not relate.
The green border centurions
Caught champions message of hate.
Follow the leader.....
A population in need they'll

Clear passages spoken.
Stop them from coming.
" S**t hole countries."He said
Send them back they can't stay.
We'll accept "fine people.
MaybeNorway "

People of color.
Mental plantation of far away lands.
He wants invisible shackles.
Cut off their hands.
"Send her back."
"Send her back."
Many insults in English
Do you understand?

Their murderers,rapist,drug dealers,and thugs.
The new "Iceman" has cometh.
*I look in their eyes. I can see. Supposed teenagers at age 17."
We agree.
They're all Brown,very evil.
It's all the gang.
"Starter pocket of demons.....
M 13." That's their plan.

So you can't come here.
You walked this is true.
But your Brown don't you get it.
We just don't want you.

It is said.
We're full go away.
The Inn's at capacity.
You can't stay.

We're no longer accepting the tired,the restless,the poor.
Brings to mind....another
From a traveler wary.
Slept in a stable.
A manager for a child a long long time before.

The givers,dispensers of asylum "we" seek.
Save my wife and my Baby.
Your humanity astounds.
Instead of asylum it's 6 feet underground.

Your hopes of tomorrow were laying face down.
Your Baby passed with you.
Little dreams and arms clutching was found.
A Mother stood broken.
On the banks of the levee,alone she is bound.

To cross.... So many have tried.
Calm appearing Rio Grande
waters,swept away dreams and lives.

So the Asylum they seek...
Finally did come.
It was by the essence of Angels the moment you drown.
Your only discretion.....
You were down being Brown.

Descanse Gente Querida.

By CLou Narvaez 01/15/2020

© 2020 CLou Narvaez

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Added on January 16, 2020
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CLou Narvaez
CLou Narvaez

Mesquite, TX

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