A Poem by Wonderful Letdown

The miracles God does for the broken-hearted.

There's a joy inside of me
filling in the holes
that all the heartbreak left behind.

Piecing together all the pieces
of my shattered heart.
Like a jigsaw puzzle
so lovingly being put back together.

Mending each piece to one another
as if they had never been a part.
My heart is being made new
like I've never been hurt before.

A love like no other
has been made known to me.
His gentle kindness
showing me the way.

"Though people have left you to suffer alone
I won't stand-by and watch you fall.
You are my precious child
I am always with you, 
I am on your side.
Place your faith in me,
I won't lead you astray."

His whispers echo
and travel through my soul.
I can't help but believe
in the promises I see He keeps.
He's the only one
who has never let me down.

So how can I deny?
What is right before my eyes?
A God who is so merciful and true
one who is truly real and so alive.

I know Him
not by knowledge,
but through experience and feeling.
How else could I have changed so?

My heart was broken,
way beyond repair.
I held no hope for it to ever mend
I thought I was too far past redemption to even care.

In like a tornado He swept 
cradling me in His arms.
Capturing this mistrusting heart,
in one easy fell swoop.

Cleaning house all through out
and fixing all the broken pieces.
Filling in what was missing.
Leaving me feeling quite floored
and more than a little bedazzled.

There's so much work that's been done,
and even more yet to do.
It's all in your hands
because I know
that you are putting the broken pieces of my life
together one at a time.
So patiently I wait
while you do your thing.

Love like no other
touching me so gently.
I've finally given my heart away
to someone who I know won't break it.
Slowly gaining my trust
which is a feat in and of itself.
He has taken a hold of all that I am.
God owns my heart and soul,
Never do I plan to ask for them back
for I know it's in good hands.

"Love, that's all I ever asked for."

© 2013 Wonderful Letdown

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Trust in His promise that the wounds will be healed.
This is truly inspiring...a strong testimony how God works to mend the broken hearts.
Something I relate with... as I also pick my own pieces to put together, God has gave me the strength to carry on...to be whole again.
I love this work. Thanks for sharing, faithful one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Wonderful Letdown

8 Years Ago

I thank-you for your encouragement, and I am happy that you liked it. There's a very special story b.. read more

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Added on April 2, 2013
Last Updated on April 2, 2013
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Wonderful Letdown
Wonderful Letdown


Yo, I love writing though I suck at grammar/punctuation. It's the only way I can express myself. Don't expect weekly updates. I'm a really irregular kind of writer. Though I hope to improve (as a .. more..