Survival Games

Survival Games

A Poem by Wonderful Letdown

After affects of a trauma, and trying to come to terms/cope with it.

It's been so long
since I had a night like this.
All these thoughts, 
and memories cycling through my head.
Things I try to put to rest,
but they randomly rise up from the depths.
Trying to pull me under, 
back into who I used to be.

Most days I can go on,
like it never happened.
But it always rises from the ashes
when I least expect it. 
Certain days,
I know it's to be expected,
but today isn't one of them.

Some days, I still have trouble
putting a name to what was done to me.
I find it hard to tell
a single soul
about my psychological hell.
How can I ever properly say
when most won't get in anyways.

Sometimes, I really wished you had hit me.
Then everyone could see
the scars your presence left on me.
I would rather the physical pain
than the poison of your choice.
Slowly it infected me
breaking me a part from the inside out.

Every way to destroy a person's mind
you were so adept at manipulating.
Like a puppeteer tugging on the puppet's strings,
to a tune only they can hear.
You were the master,
 and I was the servant 
bent to your every whim.
How was I to know any better?

Sometimes I question,
if I imagined it all inside my mind
and if any of it is real.
You make me feel like I'm insane
and wrong to have walked away.
But then I remember the fear
and all the mental anguish
you always rain down on my head.

Just because you never
actually laid your hands on me,
doesn't mean that it's not still abuse. 
You were just smart enough
to not leave any evidence
that would get you caught.
No one could possibly know
of the neglect
or verbal assaults and threats.

But what I hate most of all, 
is when I'm sucker punched like this.
Coming out of left field,
and knocking me flat on my a*s.
With no warning bell
or other reasonable cause.
One day I am fine,
and the next I'm falling a part.

And the most twisted part of all is
I still love you,
in spite of what you may think.
I just hate the way you treat me,
you and your mother both.
A parent is supposed to protect their child,
not break them.
Like what you did to me.

© 2017 Wonderful Letdown

Author's Note

Wonderful Letdown
Meh, the ending could be better. Couldn't get it how I wanted it. Any thoughts would be much appreciated please and thank-you.

Also keep in mind, most of this was written when I wasn't exactly in condition.

Song: Hope of Morning By Icon for Hire (not mine, was just listening to it while I wrote most of it)

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Added on July 24, 2016
Last Updated on April 12, 2017
Tags: Abuse, surviving, Overcoming, Trauma


Wonderful Letdown
Wonderful Letdown


Yo, I love writing though I suck at grammar/punctuation. It's the only way I can express myself. Don't expect weekly updates. I'm a really irregular kind of writer. Though I hope to improve (as a .. more..