Fallen Memories

Fallen Memories

A Poem by Wonderful Letdown

What it's like to feel severe brain fog

Even if I wanted too,
my memories are no longer an easy place I can reach.
I remember the days when...
my mind could just as easily
come up with anything I so desired,
like a gymnast.

It could maneuver  through any course
that you put before it.
Until one day....
it broke.
Like how a gymnast might strain a muscle,
how sometimes the persevere to complete the routine
even though they really shouldn't.
It slowly grew worse and worse,
until the gymnast could no longer move.
Perhaps it can still do some of the routines,
but not with the  same versatility, precision nor speed.

The gymnast couldn't accept just how
much they lost with their current lackluster performance.
The grief and loss,
is almost more than the gymnast can bare.
It's akin to wading through a dense fog,
to try and grasp the phantoms
dancing at the edges of one's vision.
But every time you think you've caught them,
all you've caught is the ashes of what once was.
Of what can never be.

It's heavy,
the past desires and dreams.
Have disappeared like smoke,
to blend seamlessly within the fog.
I blindly search through the haze
In my desperation, 
I can't help but stagger and stumble.

Looking for the pieces I've dropped
The ones yanked from my battered hands,
and the ones I let fly free.
Once in a while,
I trip over one of them.
But when I try to place them back,
where they once belonged.
They don't fit quite like how the once did
If I try to force them,
they resist
because they no longer belong.
Yet, I still can't figure out what does

© 2020 Wonderful Letdown

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Wonderful Letdown
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Added on January 22, 2020
Last Updated on January 22, 2020
Tags: Emotional, confusion


Wonderful Letdown
Wonderful Letdown


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