A Shout Out to Politicians

A Shout Out to Politicians

A Poem by Claudia MelGregory

A challenge


A Shout Out to Politicians

I don't need your pretty words to paint me a picture
Of the world I live in.
I don't need your pretty words to dress up the
Ugliness of hatred.
I don't need your pretty words to
Sew on glittering buttons and flowery pastels of love.

Them pretty words ain't got no power here.
They don't mean a damn when the poor
Are starving in the streets
And the sick are dying
Chilled under the cover of hospital sheets.

Your pretty words don't pay my bills.
Them oratory skills don't stop the chills
When winter sets in and its bone cold,
Joint aching cold.

When my stomach is gnawing with the pain of hunger
Will your pretty words feed me?
When my boss says you have to go
Will your pretty words provide for me,
Shelter and clothes that are being denied
Cause them pretty words make it alright
For the powerful to strip the peon of his pride?

Hell no!

Them pretty words make hatred justified.
Them pretty words keep justice too petrified
To do the right thing.
Them pretty words have done enough, casting bigotry
In soft light,
Taking from the helpless with the fists of might.
I don't need your pretty words.

© 2008 Claudia MelGregory

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Bravo! You tell 'em. Well said. Sounds like a beat poet piece as well the way it flows. You might like my song/poem "The Independent Nation" or my poem "A Letter For King George". Keep 'em coming.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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