Physco ~ Short Story

Physco ~ Short Story

A Story by Cactus

Hey, I spent about 2-3 hours on this. Its only short, about 1000 something words, but I worked really hard on it and wanted to get an opinion! Btw, I did use a writing prompt I found on Pinterest!

Prompt: “She pulled the knife out of her chest and smiled. ‘Was that supposed to hurt?’”

I cant believe it! My girlfriends a psychopath! I run into the kitchen, snatching a knife out of the draw as I ran. Slipping on the tiled floor, I didn’t stop to think. I didn’t have time. All if knew was that she was behind me, I could hear her sugary-sweet voice, calling out to me. She didn’t even bother running. There was no point. She was going to catch me in the end, I was simply holding off fate. Its only a matter of time before I’m lying there, a fly to the web. But, I’ll make these last seconds count. I wasn’t going down without a fight.
“Come on sweetie, I know your in there. Come out, I just wanted to chat!” Her voice as sweet as syrup, I tried my best not to succumb to her spell. I put anything I could find against the pantry door, blocking her way in. Blocking my way out. I was trapped there, but it didn’t matter. None of this matters. I will never win. Suddenly, the door began to shake. She was trying to barge her way through. Knife at the ready, I slowly stood away from the door, waiting. My plan, was a risky one. But, then again, there was no way I could get out of this alive, good plan or not. She was like a light, and I was the moth, hopelessly drawn to my doom.
The door began to slowly creak open, 8 dainty fingers wrapped around the edge. On one, a promise ring sat, glistening like a jewel. I remember that day, sat under the cherry tree, promising ourselves to each other forever. In reality, this is all my fault. I made a promise, and I couldn’t keep it. I let my own selfish desires get the better of me, and now I would pay the ultimate price...
“Hey baby, miss me? Now that I’ve found you, we can get back to what we were doing-“
Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I jammed the knife into the girls chest. Ramming it as deep inside as I could, trying to inflict as much damage to this physco as I could.
She didn’t even flinch.
She stared at me, to the knife, and to me again. I was sure the realisation would kick in any moment now and she would scream in pain.
Instead, she began to laugh.
Like, proper laugh. Or in her case, more of a girly giggle. Her body shook as she laughed hysterically at what had happened. I didn’t know what to say, or what to do. Was the shock and pain so deep that all she could do was laugh, or did she not feel it at all?
“Haha- I- HAHAH! Aww baby, your so cute sometimes,” still smiling, she effortlessly pulled the knife out of her chest, leaving a pool of red where I had stabbed her. “Did- Was that supposed to hurt? How hilarious.”
I was at loss for words. How- She should have been writhing in pain, dead, even. Not standing there, laughing hysterically. Was she some immortal or something?
As if reading my mind, she stopped laughing and stared me in the eyes.
“Oh, I’m not some super hero or something. It’ll definitely hurt later, probably even kill me. But, right now, I’m so full of excitement and happiness, that pain doesn’t even hurt!”
Okay then, so she isn’t crazy- she’s full-blown sicko mode!
“Unfortunately for you however, you just tried to kill your love. That deserves a punishment.”
I look at her, at the bloody knife in her hands, and my eyes widen in fear.
“Now our bond will be unbreakable, sewn together with our blood! Can you imagine it? Your DNA, the things that make you, you, in my veins! Its so exciting I think I’m gonna blow!!”
“Please- think about what your doing... Think about what the others would say; Your mum, dad, all your friends- what would they think?
“Ha, yeah right. Like I care. My mums in prison for abusing me, my dads dead- overdosed. And, friends? They were just using me. To get to you.”
“W-What about me? You love me right? You’d never want to hurt me, right?” I pleaded, getting desperate. Who cares about ‘not going down without a fight’, I just wanted to live.
“That’s rich, coming from you. Bet you weren’t thinking about me when you cheated on me with my best friend”
My breath caught short.
“Yeah, I know what you did. I wanted to let you get away with it, just a little bit of a telling off, that’s all. Marissa took the worst of it for you,” The girl giggled, pulling a bag out of her pocket. “Here, a little souvenir, to remind you of what you did.”
With trembling hands, I opened the bag. Peering inside, I pulled out a lock of hair.

Marissa’s hair. Covered in dried blood.
“Y-You killed h-her... Y-Your best friend... H-How could you...” I stuttered, my brain barely able to function. This girl, the one I loved so deeply, killed someone. Actually killed someone.
“Oh, so this is all my fault now? She had it coming. She was always trying to steal you away from me, and this was the last straw. I had to get rid of her.”
“B-But it wasn’t her fault. S-She didn’t know...”
“Oh really? Please, elaborate.” She exclaimed confidently, an edge of enjoyment in her voice.
That crazy woman, she was actually enjoying this.
“I-I told her that we had b-broken up.”
“Oh did you now? And she believed that?”
I trembled, trying to act calm. Not that I was filled with the most overpowering fear I’d ever felt in my life.
“LAIR!” I know she knew, she told me herself.”
“N-no” Pure terror rised inside of me as the sick girl raised her weapon, stepping closer and closer, trapping him in the corner.
“I was going to go easy on you for cheating, just a little behaviour enforcements. And, to be honest, I like a boy who fights back. But lying to my face, now that’s unforgivable.”
I tried to scream, but no sound would come out. I was frozen in fear.
“And you know how they punish someone for something so unforgivable as that?”
“N-no...” I managed to croak out.
“Only one thing is worthy for such a naughty boy...”
In her eyes, something changed. No longer a face of joy and love, replaced by a look of pure evil, anger bubbling.
I screamed out in excruciating pain as the metal rammed deep into my chest. I felt my insides turn inside-out, my lungs pierced by the weapon. My legs went weak as jelly as the blood poured out of the wound. Then, if it was even possible to feel pain worse than before, she yanked the knife out of my body. I wailed out as I watched buckets of the warm, sticky red substance swell around my feet. I felt my eyes get heavy, and my body went slack. They last thing I saw was her, my childhood lover, the girl I promised myself to, the girl I so blatantly cheated on, covered in blood- mine and hers alike- laughing like a maniac at the sight in front of her...
Then, nothing.

-Cactus (Penname)

© 2019 Cactus

Author's Note

Ignore rubbish writing skills, any tips would be appreciated, please no hate, I prefer constructive critism! Also, its a bit dark, so be warned. :)

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Added on September 16, 2019
Last Updated on September 16, 2019
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