Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well

A Poem by Carolynn

Inspired by the show “the Chosen”


The day was at its highest peak,

when at the well he sat.

She noticed him but dared not speak,

though he did wish to chat.

He asked if she would be so kind,

to draw him up a drink.

She thought he must have lost his mind,

He pushed her to the brink!

She glared at him and asked him why

he felt the need to ask.

That for a drink she should comply,

when he could do the task.

He calmly spoke so she could hear,

“if you would know my name.

A drink from me you’d ask my dear,

and never thirst again!”

She sneered at him and stood her ground,

then felt the need to tell,

“No better water can be found,

for this is Jacob’s well”

Go get your husband, he then said.

She said “I have not one.”

“I know, for five have shared your bed.”

This left her feeling numb.

He told her things no one could know,

her heart was beating wild.

Who could this be, her past to show,

with temperament so mild.

“You are Messiah come at last!

Please tell me this is true”

“Yes, I am He, now I must ask,

you live your life anew”

“Oh yes I will, and will proclaim,

to everyone I see.

The Lord has come. Praise be Your name!

For You have set me free!”

© 2021 Carolynn

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Ah, my favorite way to tell a story, in rhyme, not an easy task. But this was written well, and words were used that were perfect for the occasion. My hat's off to you, Carolynn.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I love your rhyme & rhythm & storytelling, which unfolds like a parable, so I was waiting to see what the lesson would be. For most of your poem, I got the idea this guy at the well was Jesus, but it took so long to unfold this story & reveal that. It felt unusual how this woman (well-owner) was resistant to recognize Jesus, but when she finally did, she was too gung-ho for me. I didn't find this credible. Since she was so resistant to seeing this was clearly Jesus at the well, I would've expected her to be similarly resistant to embracing Him, once she realized it. This sudden flip-flop made the poem feel incongruous to me. But I love the way you use storytelling to make a point about how Jesus could very likely be behind the unexpected encounters we struggle with in life (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks for your views on this Margie. I based it on a movie depiction and followed how they laid it .. read more

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A Poem by Carolynn