Once in my entire life

Once in my entire life

A Story by Kane

Let me be philosophical once, warning, if you want real philosophical works, formal language etc, you're in the wrong neighborhood.

Alright people, let me be philosophical once. Although I should probably be philosophical once a week since I am attending philosophy classes... Anyway, just yesterday I talked with a good friend of mine, lets call him Bob (cause I like giving him a stupid name) and we usually talk about stupid s**t like dank memes, use dank a lot, say maymays instead of memes etc. But yesterday was different. We talked about philosophical stuff. We were joined by another good friend, I'll call him Villager A (same reason as for Bob) and Bob asked: "Hey, why do you guys think we exist?"
Now Villager A and I were looking at each other like 'What the f**k?' and he asked Bob: "Man, did you get rejected or something?"
Bob of course, being the sensitive guys he is, said no, but we all know that he meant yes (turns out he actually didn't and just had a philosophical day like everyone does once in his life, overlooking the days you get rejected, believe me). Well we decided to humor him and answered his question. Well Villager A, being the a*****e he is, said: "Definitely not getting friendzoned like Kane here (in case you hadn't noticed that's me, cause that's my nickname)."
Villager A had touched on a pretty sore spot there of me getting rejected and friendzoned by a girl I had a crush on for over... damn, I just realized that it's been about seven years now... Damn... that's a long time. I seriously just noticed that myself... Anyway, I decided to ignore the statement by hitting Villager A on his arm, pretty hard, and answered Bob's question with: "Bob, the reason why we exist is to become people we want to become and to explore paths, roads humans can take. We are born explorers and we exist because we need to explore the infinite possibilities, the infinite paths and roads life has. That's why we exist."
"Dude, what the heck are you talking about?" Bob asked in turn.
"I was answering your question," I answered, slightly pissed at his astonished face, "How would you answer that question?"
"We exist to explore dank memes m8. Let me tell you a poem:
Born too early to explore the universe
Born too late to explore the world
Born just in time to explore dank memes
Isn't that a great poem?"
Yeah, imagine our faces.
By the way, the statement about Bob just having a philosophical day, I lied.

© 2015 Kane

Author's Note

This actually happened, minus the names, they have real names, not telling them though.

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Added on October 18, 2015
Last Updated on October 18, 2015
Tags: somewhat funny, weird, dank memes, philosophical



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