The Suprisingly Dumb Dragon Tamer

The Suprisingly Dumb Dragon Tamer

A Story by Kane

Ah, Ah, Ah, you'll have to read the story.


Time was an endless thing. It always flowed along and it went by in a heartbeat. That’s what happened on my twelfth birthday. When I turned twelve, I was granted a wish. The wish? I wished for a fantasy world, a world out of the boring world I was a part of, a world with dragons, elves, fairies and even unicorns, anything that saved me from the world I was currently in. And that wish was granted, by a superior being, a being that could just say: Sure, here you go.

That entire thing happened as I had said when I was twelve, and in four years I had grown accustomed to this world, a world with lush green trees that bore juicy and sweet fruit instead of the dying trees I had once been used to, with lush green grass instead of the endless dust deserts, fresh air that smelled of the world instead of my sweat. In the four years I had attended a school (apparently I wasn’t the first person to have been transported on a whim, I had been the 14483 to be exact) and started an apprenticeship under the protective wing of the greatest dragon tamer in the history of mankind, who was also coincidentally the greatest alcoholic of mankind, Dorian the Dragon’s Wind.
Dorian was a rough guy with an unkempt beard that had the same color as the hair on his head, ash blonde. He was human (remember that I’m in a fantasy world? Yeah, elves exist too) and had a very low-pitched voice. But overall he was a nice guy, just that he enjoyed the company of dragons over the company of fellow humans, but I didn’t care, as long as he taught me how to ride a dragon and how to tame them, I was set.
Dragon tamers earned their keep by helping dragon riders with any problems they had, but since dragons were pretty expensive partners there were few dragon tamers. I had somehow been chosen to become one and man, was I happy.
Dorian had been teaching me for two years in the art of taming dragons and I had soaked in the knowledge like a thirsty sponge soaking in water. I had learned of all kinds of dragons in the world and all kinds of uses they had. What were dos and don’ts and what each dragon liked, my riding lessons were bumpy rides, literally. The first five times I fell off the dragon, but after a week I had gotten the hang of the land dragons, riding flying dragons took me about a month to learn and a year to master. It had been finally time to tame my very first dragon though, and my master, being the considerate guy he is, ended up drinking too much the last night, like every night, and ended up with a hangover. Because of that I had to go out taming on my own. I could’ve waited a day, but that would have delayed my dragon taming by A DAY, A WHOLE 24 HOURS!

So I set out on my own to the town portal (every respectable town had one, this one my master had created himself because he was too lazy to walk over to the next town with a town portal which would’ve taken him half an hour) and teleported to the taming mountain. The taming mountain was a mountain filled with magical creatures of all sorts (except for elves, orcs, goblins, you get the drill) to get, you guessed it, tamed. Usually all creatures there were harmless, but there were the exceptions of Tyrant Dragons, Blood Unicorns, Spiked Slimes, Man-eating Plants, etc. I had only seen pictures of them and they had all looked pretty cool so I was all giddy, not caring for my own safety (this happened a year ago, I was young and foolish).
The guardians of the mountain checked my license, the only reason why the journey had been set on that day and not sooner, and let me in. I had to go through a barrier and the entire world looked different. I was on a grassy plain, in front of me a dark green forest and a mountain, a pretty huge mountain, the mountain was probably bigger than I was, and I was 5 foot 9 tall. I grabbed the bag I had packed with some food and water, and of course the necessary stuff for taming a dragon, and walked to the forest. My master had told me that the forest was always filled with boring stuff, unless you were an alchemist but alchemists got excited over anything, so I should just pass through it as quickly as possible. The place where the most interesting creatures gathered had been inside of the mountain, where dragons had their caves.
I had of course listened to my master and gone to the mountain as quickly as possible and walked into the first cave that looked interesting to me. Inside there was a dragon, but I quickly exited when I saw the dragon rolling around on his pile of gold while chanting: “Mine, mine, it’s all mine!”
I entered the second cave that had another dragon of course, with a beard and glasses.
“Hello child of man, are you here to search for a partner?” The dragon asked me.
“Yep, I am,” I answered, “will you be my partner?”
“Tempting, I’ll become your partner if you solve my riddle,” the dragon offered and I accepted the deal.
“There once was a bear in a forest of bamboo trees, what kind of bear was it?” The dragon asked.
Of course I know the answer now, but at that time, which was a year ago, I was young and ignorant, so I answered: “A bamboo bear.” Of course I know now that it was a Grizzly Bear that had lost its way home. But when I answered with ‘bamboo bear’, the dragon threw me out in rage and I entered the next cave.
In the next cave I came across I met him, my fated partner, I had instantly recognized our bond. The dragon was covered in golden scales and looked at me. Noticing our bond we both looked at each other for a bit before I fell onto my knees, crying. He was beautiful and he was my partner. Was what I thought, but when he asked me to fill out a 9000 page form to become his partner I left him behind to find a different partner, fated or not I wasn’t willing to fill out a 9000 page form.
In the last cave I visited I was further up the mountain and felt tired. Inside that cave there was a new dragon. This dragon didn’t look special, he looked just so generic. He was an average green, with average green eyes and average length and form. We looked at each other and I said: “Hey, what’s up?”
“Nothing really, what’s up for you?” The dragon asked in turn.
“Searching for my dragon partner, failing miserably. Want to be my partner?”
“Sure, let’s do it,” the dragon answered.

And this is how I, Villager K have become known as Dragon Tamer/Rider K.

© 2015 Kane

Author's Note

I just wrote it and then went with the flow, don't question the plot please. Prompt number 3.

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hmm... interesting stuff, I like the bitvwith your character going into a fantsy world, its been a bit of a dream of mine, I kinda had to imagine most of the details, but its ok, I felt a bit of humour in there, thats mostly why I came around , the description made me feel like it was going to be a wild story

Posted 3 Years Ago

Funny! I love the idea for the wish. I'd love to go to a fantasy world. :) Thank you for entering the contest.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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