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Why are forests so mysterious?


Have you ever thought about the wonders within a forest? When you take a walk you travel along a path most of the time. A path created by people walking the same road thousands of times, maybe even millions.
What you see while walking along that path is the trees, sometimes there is a canopy covering you, other times you see the sky. Depending on the weather it’s raining, or clear. Maybe it’s warm, it could also be cold. You walk along the path and see the things around you many people have seen before, you may have seen these things before as well. Maybe you have seen the same scenery so often that you ignore it.
If something becomes so boring that you ignore it, it shouldn’t be too mysterious, but remember the time when you first walked into the forest. The green leaves, the smell of wood, the humidity, the tall trees that tower above you and have such intricate patterns. The feelings of amazement, remember those.
Those feelings are why forests are mysterious.

But then, think about how often you haven’t taken a used path and just cut through the forest. Remember the first time you did that. You felt different, exhilarated. It wasn’t the same as walking along a path. You looked at your feet, you looked around you more, tripped a bit more often. But you probably felt more alive. It wasn’t like the path, it was different, it was better. It was as if anything could happen. If you walked around as a child you probably fantasized adventures while walking around. Maybe you were rescuing a princess, maybe you were chasing your dreams, some were maybe even looking for Pokémon (nowadays not just children do that).
Remember that adventure.
Those memories make forests so mysterious.

© 2016 Kane

Author's Note

... Yeah... Hi. Not fantasy or anything, but i thought about this a few days ago and wrote it on a notepad so... here you go. Share your experience in the reviews if you want to, have a good one :]

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Hmm? I'm not sure how many people would be able to relate to this but it is a nice thought though. I used to ride my motorcycle in my town with friends in our favorite place with dirt roads and paths surrounded by a ton of trees. It was a great place to grow up and it was very mysterious at night. It was as close to a forest as you could get.

I remember one spot in particular that was filled up to our knees in leaves every autumn. We would walk or ride through it, sun rays shining down. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. :)

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

That's pretty cool man!

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Added on July 23, 2016
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