A life, a loss

A life, a loss

A Poem by forLOVEforLOSS

These are my words, they will go a flight

I told myself that I wouldn�t do this because everyone that I resent tell me to, but this is my only power�.my power of my language, my words. Lately there is only a word that describes me, frustrated. Nothing that I do is right, nothing that I am is right; nothing is ever �all right� in my life. My life is like hell, when one vicious cycle ends, another begins. The world moves faster than I can follow. Now I tell myself that I will write and only write. Never look back, only look to the blank pages a head of you. Carpe diem. Seize the day. Seize the moment. I try to live this, I try but I am not accepted in anything that I do. Perfection is a standard in which I have to life up to, no one sees me, only a face. My �perfection� or lack of is painfully obvious. Ten year old boys can tell me what�s wrong before I can. They use words like freak, s**t, b***h, w***e, emo and many others to label me; to see me. No one takes the time to look in. They see what they want to and ignore everything else. Perfection is a standard that I am always expected to see, want, and adore. All I am is not perfect. All of what people want is never who I really am. Will anyone really know me? Will anyone take the time not to judge in a glance? The other day I was judged over and over again. It hurts, to be on display for the world. I am told that being seen is something to be proud of but I don�t want to be seen, I want to hide and think for myself, without interruption, without perfection, without judgment. Sometimes I just want to hide and die, let the words of my tongue spill all around me. Maybe then people will understand. But even then I know they won�t. No one cares. In every relationship I have or ever had all other want are pieces of me, the pieces that make them feel better. I�m caught in the tangle of their webs, their lies, and their unfruitful friendships. No one cares. I look to god for answers only to look down again, He is supposed to give me strength when I am weak but I feel none. I only feel betrayal. He gives me blessings in my life but that�s not what I want. I want a companion, someone who truly cares. I want them to want to know, crave what I have to say, not only hear if but thrive off of it. I want my freedom! My independence! With ever boy that comes to me all they want is my face and my body, not one wants me. I am more than a face, I have a mind, I have a soul. Every boy wants me for sex, and when I say no they break my heart. They don�t seem to care. They decide that I�m not good enough. Not knowing that they only add to the echoes in my life. I am never perfect, I am never pretty, I am never beautiful, and I am nothing to them anymore. They use the piece of me that they want and leave the rest to pull its self back together without that. Pain and misery have come and gone. Bitterness can fill me. I let it. Sometimes I don�t care, let the world label me as they want to. But every time I come to this, I hear the echoes, they are no longer reseeded but in my ears. They scream to me that I am not worth anyone�s time. Who would care? Life is beautiful but ugly things inhibit it. I struggle for life. Only to have the ugliness tear me down, infect me, make me known. Everyone can see my disease, everyone recoils from it. Instead of holding my hand they take theirs away. Tears roll down my face as I write these few and short sentences. Calmness sweeps over me. I am lost on a sea of carelessness; I feel the wave�s caress. I life my eyes to the horizon, lift them to see the sun, leaving the darkness behind. Hoping, praying that someone will come. Hoping that life�..life�would take my hand, embrace me and not shy from my imperfections. I only hope as I drift. Never look back.

© 2008 forLOVEforLOSS

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please don't be too harsh

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oops forgot to rate

Posted 14 Years Ago

This seems like stream of conscious writing at its best to me .. you have poured your heart out ,, you have laid it out for all to see/read.. i enjoyed reading it , sorry to say i can relate.. it is to me, those little imperfections we all have that make us unique, who we are... nice write.


Posted 14 Years Ago

As I read this a tear came to my eyes, honestly. I can feel the pain locked in these words so much it took me back to a time I felt that same pain in my life. Never being accepted by anyone or anything. But those who have that happened in their life will became the stong in due time.
There is a saying that goes with this piece like a dog and his bone "We are perfect in our imperfection."
Leran Vakem

Posted 14 Years Ago

It sounds like the person inside is struggling with her exterior; like she knows who she is, but cannot show it. The emotion in this piece is spectacular and beautiful. Keep up the good work. Writing can be therapeutic.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 22, 2008
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Appleton, WI

not much to tell more..


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