The Fight Against The Sandbagger's Creed

The Fight Against The Sandbagger's Creed

A Poem by Caleb

Welcome back, you old, grumpy menace,

I suppose you’re here to do your deed.

But here I warn you, I fight with vengeance

against your dastardly service; your sandbagger’s creed!


Why do you haunt me, you poisonous sleep?

Why can’t I have consciousness I constantly keep?


If it weren’t for you, my lifelong enemy,

then I would have certainly conquered much more!

But you wouldn’t budge to the will of my mind,

and now you, for that reason, I hate to the core.


If I could, I would battle thee!

And oh, a battle that would be!


I would choke the very life from you

and never once blink at your fleeting breath.

And then, as that moment would pass,

I would smile a great smile at your final death.


Ah, here you go again, you incompetent fool!

My eyes bare weights and I’m starting to drool!


Stop this madness! You must, I beg!

I cannot take more of this clockwork blank!

I must finish my work and find solace instead

of this constant cycle that is stagnate and rank!


Oh, you menacing menace, it seems as if you’ve won again.

To beat you must certainly be but a mortal’s end.


© 2008 Caleb

Author's Note

I was inspired by my own sleepiness.

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You want to conquer sleep, work nights. Of course the rest of your days are spent light headed and yawning all the time.

Actually I enjoyed this very much. Well done.

Posted 13 Years Ago

what did poe say about sleep? I don't remember exactly but this poem reminded me of it. Lol Very witty and I felt it was lighthearted.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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