A Story by Blood.Red.Nobodies

I wrote this on a whim after standing in the dark woods with my mom with nothing but a fire for company. Enjoy.


I stood in the middle of the open field with no company other than red coals and the night noises. I flicked the flashlight in the direction of the sound and didn’t see anything.

Snap. A twig snapped behind me and I spun around, panic rising inside my crowded chest.

Swish. I heard something move to my left. I slowly spun in circles and scanned the perimeter of the clearing with the beam of light. Nothing. Absolute darkness.

Just my imagination. I thought, trying to comfort myself in this monstrous cloak of the night. I sat down next to the smoldering embers, still trying to control the part of me telling my legs to bolt.

Run, run, run.

No. Stay here because whatever is out there can’t be outrun and animals don’t like fire.

Run. Just run and you will be out of this.

No. My logic knows more than this caveman instinct of fleeing. I was finally able to comfort myself just enough to fall into a light sleep.

Rustle. What was that? I snatched the flashlight from my pocket. Fumbling, I clicked it on and the light illuminated the trees around me. I jumped to my feet and stared into a hundred pairs of deadly glittering gems as I spun in a slow circle. Closer and closer they got; panic rising in my chest, a cold sweat and the prickly feeling of fear rising on the nape of my neck.

The black boa of the night slithered around me, coiling my body into it’s vice grip. Slowly it began to constrict and my chest tightened so soon I could breathe no longer. The wolves circled and snarled around me as I stood there shocked still like a deer. Ironic, isn't it, how both I and the metaphorical deer are becoming a meal?

With the night constricting me in an armless grip and the wolves making their circles tighter and tighter, there was nothing left to do but accept my imminent peril. I closed my eyes and gulped allowing myself to be pulled into sea of darkness as the wolves pounced on me.

© 2011 Blood.Red.Nobodies

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love your italicly described noises. Yes definately a good idea to stay by the fire, thats what I always think I would do. The black boa of the night was great, and the last line of this was superb! Thankyou

Posted 8 Years Ago

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