Something short with no title...

Something short with no title...

A Story by Blood.Red.Nobodies

The being had no characteristics that would allow you to identify it as a human, let alone as a male or female. For some reason, he knew it was neither sex yet it was somehow both at once. The being was soft and beautiful to look at. It was a color that cannot be described for it was not one; it was every color at once but still no colors at all. He reached out to touch the being and felt nothing at all but he sensed that he had just touched everything. It held no shape yet it looked like everything. He was terrified of this being for it was beyond his understanding. It held knowledge greater than the capacity of his Earth. As he move closer to the being, he felt it move away. He walked a little faster to try to catch it. Soon the broke out into a run. He felt he was coming closer to it with every bound but he was no closer than he had been before. He then felt himself being sucked away from it's presence. He was being moved backwards by some invisible force. Panicing, he leapt at the being and finally hooked onto it. He then realized that this being was everyone and everything. The being somehow communicated to him that it was the collective soul of the dead. Once he realized this, he let go and was pulled into darkness. He could tell that it wasn't his turn to latch onto Death.


He opened his eyes after what felt like an eternity and found himself looking into the eyes of a doctor. Her expression was hard to read but he sensed that the doctor had just lost a huge amount of stress.

"He's back."

© 2011 Blood.Red.Nobodies

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Good twist, the "he's back" is deep. Another additive: I had a distant uncle (not much of a nice guy) who was resuscitated and when he came back he was just screaming for a short while, then died again. I can only imagine what his experience was

Posted 3 Years Ago

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