The Untitled Film

The Untitled Film

A Screenplay by The Poet of Black Wings

          Open on a shot of A sitting on his bed, from behind. The
          room is blank, completely undecorated. only the bed is
          visible. A's semi-short, dark hair is unkempt and shaggy.
          His cloths, casual dress, but all wrinkled and ruffled. his
          shirt is untucked. there's black a tie lying behind him on
          the bed.
          Slowly, A lifts both his arms reaching to his head.
                                                 CUT TO A'S WORK.
          We see a shot of A's face, illuminated by a screen as we
          hear typing on a keyboard. then a shot of him from the left.
          He is typing away at his computer, working.
          He's clean cut with his hair combed back. Same outfit as
          before, but pressed, shirt tucked in, with his tie on.
          The cubicle is boring and gray, the only decorations are a
          clock on his desk and a calendar with every 4th date
          2 walks in from the right, holding a clipboard. He's a tall
          man with brunet hair and glasses. he's wearing nearly the
          same outfit as A, but his sleeves are rolled up and he's
          wearing a red tie.
          A doesn't notice him until 2 speaks.
                    Did you finish the Willard report?
          A turns to him, not quite hearing what he had said before.
                    The Willard report, I need it.
                    Oh, yeah.
          A reaches in his desk to pull out a few pieces of paper
          stapled together and hands it to 2. Shot changes to show 2
          from his back with A sitting at his desk on 2's right hand
          side. A's clock is displayed in between them, ticking
                              A (CONT'D)
          2 takes the papers and looks them over. we get a shot of the
          papers which read "Here's your f*****g cooked report you fat
          piece of s**t." on the first line followed by the phrase
          "It's all bullshit anyway." Repeated over and over again for
          the rest of the packet. 2 doesn't address or see this. to
          him, it's just a regular report.
                    Good, good. Now I need you to
                    anonymize the Richardson account.
                    For the fi-
                    Yeah yeah, and don't do is ALAP
                    this time, 9. There's three more
                    reports to do before the end of the
          2 leaves and A sighs, looking defeated as he slumps in his
                                                  CUT TO THE PARK
          EXT. PARK BENCH - MID DAY.
          Open to a straightforward shot of A sitting on a bench,
          looking down at a sketchbook, drawing inside. We change to a
          shot over his shoulder from behind, looking at his sketch
          and showing the viewer it's of a tree and a man hanging from
          it. A then looks to his right as he hears the sound of a
          couple playing in the park. He turns the page on his
          sketchbook without looking.
                                                  CUT TO A'S ROOM
          We open on a shot of A from his left side sitting on his
          bed, watching fight club. He's dressed down, wearing jeans
          and a T-shirt.
          The room is decorated with various paintings and random
          clutter. There's a nightstand on the left side of the bed
          and a chair off in the corner.
          A hears a sound and looks behind him, toward his door off
          screen. He gets up to investigate and leaves the room. You
          can hear a scuffle in the next room, getting louder as fight
          club still plays in the background.
          The sounds stop and A walks back into his room, visibly beat
          up but has on a blank expression. He sits on the right side
          of his bed, and pulls out his phone to call 911.
                                                CUT TO THE OFFICE
          A walks into O's cubicle, carrying a stack of papers. The
          cubicle is decorated with various motivational posters, some
          lighthearted meams, and various family pictures.
          A is dressed in his office cloths and has a new cut on his
          jaw. His hair hasn't been combed.
          O is wearing a nice dress. She has on thick, red lipstick
          and has her blond hair in a ponytail.
          O is just getting off the phone as A enters. He looks
          obviously nervous as he starts to speak with her.
                    Hey, uh, 1. I got those files you
                    asked for.
                    Oh, thank you, 9! You're a
          The way her voice sounds is overexagerated, and fake. The
          moment she takes the papers, she turns away back to her
          desk. completely ignoring A, who is still standing there.He
          looks at her a moment then turns to leave but turns back at
          O again, taking in a deep breath.
                    Hey, so, O, I was thinking. um,
                    maybe you and me could uh... Go get
                    coffee sometime, or, something?
          O looks at him over her shoulder, a bit surprised he asked.
                    Um, sure. I guess.
                    R-Really? Great great! I know just
                    the place!
                                                  CUT TO THE CAFE
          INT. CAFE CORNER
          A is sitting at a circular table across from an empty chair.
          He's drinking a coffee, staring off into space.
          He's dressed nicely, wearing an open, green, buton up shirt
          with a band T under it.
          He looks around the cafe for a few moments then into his
          cup. He briefly checks his phine and sighs, dropping his
                                                  CUT TO HIS ROOM
          We see the siloutte of A having extremely aggressive sex
          with C, acompanied by the sound of grunts and moans while
          the bedsprings creek. After a few seconds, they finish and
          slow down, rolling of C and breathing heavy as he lays in
          The shot changes to an top down view of the two laying
          A is shirtless, blanket covering his lower half, hair messy.
          C, nude but covered by the blanket has dark, long hair,
          messed and spread on the bed.
          C gets up and begins to dress. A turns his head to her.
                    You don't have to go right away.
                    You only paid for an hour, you're
                    already over that.
          A sighs and waves her off.
                                                      CUT TO PARK
          EXT. PARK BENCH - MID DAY.
          A is sketching again. He looks very focused on it as the
          camera zooms in onto his face. He gets splashed by a biker
          as he goes through a puddle. mud and water cover his
          sketchbook, ruing his drawing. He sets the sketchbook down
          on the bench with an annoyed look then places his face in
          his hands.
                                                  CUT TO A'S ROOM
          A is on his laptop, sitting on his bed. He's only wearing
          He hears his door being kicked open and runs to confront who
          it is. He's hit back onto his bed before he makes it out the
          door and two men walk in.
          One is wearing sunglass, and looks like he's of cuban
          desent. The other is whereing a bandana over his mouth and a
          The men look down at A for a few seconds, A attempting to
          say something before they start beating him. punches and
          kicks. during the attack, A looks up and sees the men as O
          and 2. When the attack is over, the men start walking out.
                    Next time, pay up.
          The men leave. A lies on the floor, groning.
                                                    CUT TO OFFICE
          A is sitting at his desk, staring at his computer screen.
          He's visibly injured. a black eye and cuts on his face. He's
          wearing his usual office attire, but it's all rough and
          wrinkled. His hair is uncombed.
          He sits silently as the background noise of the office
          carries on. 2 Comes up to him casually talking while looking
          at his clipboard.
                    Hey, i'm gunna need you to-
          2 lowers his clipboard to look at A and pauses in his
                    Whoa, 9, what happened to you.
                    Uh, i uh jus-
                    Cause seriously, you look like
                    Biking accident.
                    Hu, ok, uh. Is the Richardson
                    report done?
          A nods and hands him and gets the papers from his desk then
          hands them to 2. 2 looks them over and every page is blank.
          the character does not see this. 2 nods to A and walks off.
          Moments later, O comes up to A carrying a stack of papers.
                    Hey 9, Could you be a dear and
                    collate these for me? Thanks!
          She walks off without waiting for an answer. A looks at the
          papers without expression, then to the ground.
                                                      CUT TO PARK
          EXT. PARK BENCH - MID DAY.
          A sits on his usual bench, staring off into spcae. He takes
          a drag from a ciggarette, then a drink from a flask. He
          looks to be on the verge of tears.
                                                  CUT TO A'S ROOM
          A is sitting on his bed. Room completely blank and
          undecorated. A is in his work cloths. His shirt is half
          unbuttoned and untucked, his sleeves are rolled up and his
          tie is lying behind him.
          He turns his head to look right and reaches under his pillow
          to pull out a pistol. He holds it in both hands, looking it
          over before he raises it and places it into his mouth.
          We zoom in on his face as he stares into the camera and his
          breathing gradually gets heavier and faster until all we see
          is his eyes and he takes one deep breath and closes his eyes
                                                     CUT TO BLACK
                                  *The End*

© 2016 The Poet of Black Wings

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Added on August 3, 2016
Last Updated on August 3, 2016
Tags: Suicide, anxiety, depression, attack, gun, robbery, art, decline


The Poet of Black Wings
The Poet of Black Wings

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