Hell's Angel.

Hell's Angel.

A Story by EmotionalPanties

Share this story? (: Jessica is just a normal girl.. who shares both Heaven and Hell in her blood..

I chuckled, looking down at my blood-stained hands. The fact that this was Demon blood, scared the living s**t out of me, although after seeing my father's blood, I've gotten use to it. Hello, my name's Jessica, and yes, I'm a Demon slayer. Slaying these son's of b*****s has been my job for about five years. It started after i slayed my own father, after asking me to join Hell, and all that belongs to it. I almost considered since he was THE Lucifer, but being a princess in Hell, didn't seem like any fun. Having Demon blood also scared me, for i see evil spirits, but it's funny and ironic that my mother was an Angel from Heaven.
I love my life, I spend time with my friends, and they too, are Demon slayers. There's Heather and Mike, which I actually grew up with. Heather was tall, almost about five foot six. She played basketball, along with volleyball to stay in shape and active. She is my soul-friend, who I also had in a past life. She had dark green eyes, of those like moss after a rainy day. Her hair is a dirty blonde, which gets natural highlights in a sunny day. Mike, who is six foot one, is like an older brother to me. I got to him for everything, especially guy problems. His hair is a dark shade of black, and he always spikes it up. He does work out often, so he's pretty ripped. 
I don't like talking about me much, though I know i look good when i want to. I'm five foot seven, with a dark natural shade to my skin. My blonde hair makes my angelic blue eyes glow with trust. (See what i did there?) the Demon looks on me don't show, but only in my attitude. I do look rather dashing in a red mini dress, though i threw most of mine away after i murdered my own father. I wear red every day, rather it's a bracelet, or a hair tie. My mood swings happen a lot also, I get pissed when i don't get my way, and I lure in guys with the smell of lust that surrounds me.

I'm just Hell's Angel.

I'm currently 17, and I am home-schooled by Mike's mother, who is also an Angel from Heaven. She knew my mom personally, but she never talks about her much. My mom was a traitor back in the 1900's, because she married Lucifer. After i was born, well, I was sent to an orphanage like a normal child. My dad would always leave messages for me like, on a steamy mirror, saying "I love you, Jessica" and much more. I haven't heard from my mother much back then, but now i do every day. In the form of a bleach white cat, she lurks around my neighborhood. 
Why she decided to be a cat, i have no idea. She's just a b***h in my eyes, never wanting to say hi to her own daughter. While I was home-schooled, Mike and Heather went to the nearby high-school where I got my own a*s suspended by sticking up for myself. What ever happened to Freedom-Of-Speech? Anyways, the school agreed that i can graduate with my friends, so as long as I'm passing all my classes, I'm well okay. 
And yes, I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for about two years now, and he knows about my father, me, my mother, and Mike's mother. He also knows not to tell anyone, because if he told anyone, his head would be hanging on my wall over my fireplace. He's a sweet guy, loving, and he also just gives me everything i want. Even though it's nothing that needs money to get, I still just love him so much.
Andrew is his name, and he's about Mike's height, with curly brown hair (which i love to death), so he's just got the perfect looks in my eyes. We hang out all day and every day when he and I both aren't in school. Heather use to have the biggest crush on him, so that started a feud when Nathan and I made us official. Even though she got over it, she also started dating Mike. Yikes.

Drew and I walked back to Mike's place before it started storming, late at night. I loved the late night walks we'd have, especially through the small town we live in. Almost everyone here has been living here for about twenty generations, and more than half of them know about, or relate to Heaven and Hell. Some just don't even believe in it, though I think it's just their choice to not believe in Demons or Angels. 
"Angel," Drew murmured against my ear. "Let's stop and sit, just for a little while." God, i loved him. He always brought the best out of me, and he knew, and felt, how much i loved him. I could even feel it pulse off of his aura, his heartbeat in the thin air of the moonlight.
I bit my lip as i tried look look at up at his eyes, "I think we should try to hurry back, Michelle must be worrying about us." I stood on my tippie-toes as i kissed his lips lightly, with his arms wrapping around my waist. I smiled after a few seconds, and grabbed his hand, and started to walk to the direction we were heading for.
I could hear the frown in his face as he said, "Fine, but you owe me tomorrow night." but kept walking with me, like it didn't really matter. As we stepped onto the porch, the porch-light flickered on and he gave me one last kiss on my lips, before heading back for his car. I smiled and waved at him, as he pulled out of the driveway, and heading down the street and taking one last turn to the darkness before him.


I hope you like this story(:
I'll try to type more<3

Words to Nathan, Nikki, and Evanna. 
Love you three<3

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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