.:Chapter Two:. This is What I Do For a Living.

.:Chapter Two:. This is What I Do For a Living.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

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I entered the front room, and turned on the ceiling lights. Michelle was in the next room over, typing away on her computer. I could hear the clicking from where i was standing, and it seemed like a continued, nonstop melody. I went up the stairs into the guest room, well it's more my room than anything, and sat on my bed, grabbing my chair and sitting at my desk. I turned on my monitor and smiled as i heard it buzz to life. I looked at my bed, and i saw Billie curled up into a big puff ball. Billie was my tuxedo cat, she is a very beautiful black and white cat, she loves baths, and she only lets me pick her up, unless you give her food or a nice snack she loves.
I walked across the hall, and heard yelling in the other room, where i heard Mike's voice and some other male's voice. Mike was probably arguing over Minecraft again, trying to get his way like always. I swung open the door, while my jaw almost hit the floor.
The man standing next to Mike, was about six and a half feet tall, and his skin was snow white, and his eyes glowed red. I just stood frozen, until i screamed a terrible scream, and Mike was on me in a flash, trying to get me to stop, with his hand over my mouth. I bit into it, tasting blood, as he started to scream too, i kept an eye over Mike's shoulder as the Demon just stood there, doing nothing. I finally wiggled my way through Mike's grip and i got up, kicking the Demon right in the gut, as i heard Michelle storm into the room.
"What the-" she started, and stared right at the Demon, while i kept throwing punches at it's face. It wasn't fighting back, nor trying to push me away. He just kept accepting the punching and kicking. I stopped for a bit, looking up at him, then backing away, as his cuts closed and he just kept looking down. I grabbed the iron stake from under Mike's bed and pointed it up to the Demon.
"What in the world are you doing here, having a argument with," I gestured to Mike, "Him?" I stared from the Demon to Mike and kept the tip of the stake near his throat, just in case for any unwanted movements he made. and still, he hasn't made any. So i just waited until Mike began talking.
"He had a message for you, Jessica. I was telling him to leave so he could save himself some trouble. He's a Demon's slave, for your mom. He hates Demons just as much as we do, that's why i didn't act upon anything." Mike shrugged and looked at me, while i looked back, then i looked at the Demon, and he finally motioned his neck to look me right in the eyes.
I saw sympathy. I saw life. I saw sorrow.
"From.. My mother?" I finally let out. I could've killed a Demon, for the first time since yesterday, but i couldn't. This guy needed help, because he has been tortured by my own mother for the past 25 years. His blue eyes had the outline of red, because that's how Demons look. They keep their old eye color, but then a red ring forms around the color. It reminded me of how my last glance of my mother looked.
"Yes," his Russian accent ringing in the air. "She wanted me to give you this letter, and she doesn't want anyone else to read it. I wasn't even allowed to read it, but it doesn't matter. I'm a servant. I don't get to read exciting things." I sighed, taking the letter out of his hands. It felt warm to the touch, and i saw the ink already, seeping through the paper.
"She used your blood to write this, didn't she?" I whispered, opening the note.
"Yes." His voice seemed shaky, almost like he was scared of me. I scanned over the note, seeing how long it was, but it didn't too long, though seeing that much Demon blood kind of worried me, because using Demon blood was against the World's Law. But the note read:
Dear Jessica,
I know i screwed up in the past, but i miss you. You would love it here, getting special treatment wherever you go. You'd make a perfect princess, because i know I'm the perfect queen. I love you, Jessica. Let Michelle know that i thank her for treating you well. My servant, Jake, will be taking care of us both for a little while, and he's going to practically be our messenger. Oh, and Billie needs to start being nice to me, hissing won't get her anywhere.
I nodded and i handed this note to Michelle to let her read it. Her face hardened as she read through it and shook her head, as she closed the note. She looked at me into my eyes, and almost my soul, to see how i felt about this, because I'm good at hiding my emotions like that. She shut her eyes and looked at Jake.
"I'm sorry, but i believe Jessica has nothing for her mother. Can you please go back.. and never come back?" Michelle's voice sounded like she was scared. She was like my own mother, in a way, because she's the one who took care of me, and she always wanted me safe. I withdrew my knife, setting it down onto Mike's bed. A low grumble came from my stomach, then i suddenly felt sick.
"If i ever hear from my mother again, let her know she's going to add to the list of the people I've killed." I muttered under my breath. I gave Jake one last look, and left the room to my own, and slammed the door shut. After that, i heard muttering and the front door close. I laid in my bed, trying to focus on the buzzing of my monitor, and looking at the ceiling.
Before i fell sleep, giving in to the sweet darkness before me, five words repeated in the back of my head:
I gotta kill my mother.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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Author's Note

Sorry about it being short<3 It's all the time i had. /:

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Added on May 4, 2012
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