.:Chapter Five:. Nothing Seems To Add Up.

.:Chapter Five:. Nothing Seems To Add Up.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

I walked over to my steel bullets, and stuffed them into a bag, along with a few M-14's and two stakes. I muttered something as Mike brought over his weapons, only a few knives and a machete. Heather had her own bag, since she never wants me to know what she takes, so i sighed and grabbed some water to out in my bag, and another stake to put in my boot. I walked out the basement door to the garage, and got the keys to my black Ferrari. The doors swung up instead of out, so it was a pretty sexy sight. I opened the trunk, and we put our bags there, and a few weapons in the glove department, then sat in the car for a few minutes.
"Do we have everything?" I said, holding the keys in a tight grip in my hands. I heard the "Yes"'s from beside me and behind me, so I smiled and put the key in the ignition, and heard the engine hum to life. Michelle stepped outside, and went to the window and handed me a few hundred dollars. I looked up at her, trying to give it back, but she just insisted.
"You three are going to be gone a while, so take it all." I finally accepted it, and gave it to mike to hold. She leaned down and kissed my cheek, and waved us away, smiling. I smiled back, and opened up the garage. Turning around, i pulled out of the driveway, heading straight to Drew's house.

Once we got there, we all got out and headed up to his apartment. I smiled as i knocked on his door, and soon, he answered, with a bright smile, slowly dissapearing. I welcomed myself in and brought Mike and Heather with me, sitting on his couch. He sat next to me, and i held his hand tight, turning to face him.
"I'm going to be gone awhile." I said, looking at him in the eyes. He frowned, and intertwined our fingers, looking back at me with sadness in his eyes.
"Why?" Seeing him upset was sad enough, but when his voice shook, it made me want to curl up in a ball and die. I looked away and at Mike and Heather.
"We need to go out in the big city. There's been deaths and I've been sitting on my a*s for the past few weeks letting them all happen. Please understand me." I tried to keep from getting more sad than i was, but then his face lightened up.
"Maybe i could go-"
"No." I said before i heard the rest of his sentence. "You are not going with me, that's putting you in danger, and i can't stand that."
His face hardened and he began to stand up. "Okay.. Well you better get going, love." I stood up with him, and kissed his lips lightly, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I pulled away and looked at him into his eyes.
"I love you, and stay safe, okay?" I started to leg go, and his hand went down my arm into my own hand.
"Angel.." He whispered, i could feel eyes on me as i looked down.
"We need to get going." I took my hand out of his, and walked out the door, not wanting to see the sadness in his eyes. We walked out to the car, getting in and closing the doors. I went to pull out of the space, but i saw a glimpse of Drew, since he was standing at the door, and he looked like he's been crying. I swallowed hard, pulling out onto the street, and driving away from him.
After a while, nobody spoke at all, until Heather spoke up, with her light, gittery voice.
"Sooo, where are we going?" she said, I kept my mind on the road as i spoke to her, keeping my hands wrapped around the wheel.
"We're going to the main city." I said, as calmly as possible. Just thinking that there's a couple right here in the same car as i'm in, just made me want to break down crying, because none of them have to say goodbye to anyone they love. Mike and his mom maybe, but she's more okay with this and understanding than Drew is.
"Oh, okay." She said, shuffling around in her seat. The road we were on, wasn't used very much, though its the road that splits our small town from the main city, we only had passed one car in the past hour or two, and they were our neighbors back at town, heading home from work. Mike turned on the radio, onto the police station that we got specially built into our car.
"..10:54.." The code rang in my head, when i thought about what it meant. I nearly slammed on the breaks when i found out.
"Turn it up." I demanded. Mike did so, and the voice continued on.
"10:54, chief." The man said. "He's barely breathing, he's on the ground.. looks like puncture wounds on his wrists and throat." I cursed under my breath as i pressed harder on the gass petal.
".. and Jungerman Road." the radio cut out. I slammed my fist on the dash-board and listened as the radio went dead silent. I groaned and turned onto the highway, listening to the slow breathing in the car.

We were at the hotel, in the middle of the city. We stayed on the bottom floor, since it would be easier to exit the building. We carried our stakes in with us instead of the weapons for obvious reasons, and we sat on the beds. I finally got up to the restroom, while Mike was talking to his mother over the phone, letting her know how we were doing. I grabbed my cellphone, and called Drew.
"Hello?" He answered after a few rings. Then i heard a voice in the backround.
"Who's that?" I could barely hear her, but it was a girl. I muted my cellphone, and gritted my teeth.
"No one baby." He said. My heart tied into a knot, as the last word repeated in my head. He called someone else baby. I unmuted myself, and took a deep breath.
"Andrew," I started. "What are you doing?" He stopped breathing. Sadly, i wish he did for the rest of his life.
"Uhh, homework." He said. He was lying. It hasn't been even two days and he's already cheating on me. What the hell.
"Bye Drew. I won't be contacting you anymore." and i hung up. I turned my phone off, and went back into the room with Heather and Mike, and sighed as i saw them kissing. I inturrupted them as i sat on my bed and curled up in a ball, almost crying.
"What's wrong?" Mike spoke up first, sounding concerned.
"Drew's cheating on me." I muttered, covering myself with blackness, and letting my body flow away with the hatred that had built inside of it.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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