.:Chapter Six:. Nothing To See Here.

.:Chapter Six:. Nothing To See Here.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

I thought he was perfect..

I was dreaming now, looking around for help that i long needed. I sighed as i remembered what had happened in the real world. Why would he do that to me? We've been dating for almost two and a half years. I went hunting over a hundred times during that period. Was this the first? If so, why now would he choose now to do it? What an idiot. I gave him everything. Now, i have to kill his a*s.
So now I'm on the hunt for Demons, and my ex-boyfriend. How fantastic, because my friends are going to be worrying about me the minute i wake up. So i just tried to stay in my dreams, trying to be happy, but all i could think about is being lied to for two years. And he knows all about me. What if he was a spy for my own mother? It's not like we ever got sexual during our relationship, but why DID he do it?
I was walking down a city street, with nobody around, kicking around a pebble. What if this is reality, and what had happened was just a dream? Even though i doubt that New York is ever empty like this, with no cars. I looked around, and a person was walking up to me, with an evil grin. I stared at the person, stuck where i was, in mid step, and just watching. Waiting.
He tsked as he was about two yards away and studied me carefully. "You should dress better in your dreams, Jessica." His voice rang in the air for a little while, then i could finally look down. I hadn't noticed my outfit that much, since all i did was think about everything other than my appearance.
I looked back up at him, and cocked my head to the left. "Who are you?" I studied his looks, and boy did he look fine. He had a great build, with arms so muscular, and strong. His tight shirt clung onto him, looking like it would tear with every flex his muscles made.
"Jose." He said, flashing a smile at me. His eyes were a dark brown, and his skin was a dark tan, like he had been at the beach everyday of his life. I looked down again, staring at my dirty feet, only wishing i could clean them before he had noticed, until i looked up and found him looking where i was looking. I frowned, and put my hand my on my hip.
"Why are you interrupting my dream?" I said, studying him again. He smiled, and nearly turned all the way around before turning back, and looking at me again, but this time, instead of looking into my eyes, he was looking into my soul.
"Don't worry about it, honey. Just wake up, your friends want to know if you're okay or not. Just like I have been since you left." Once his frown dissapeared, so did my whole dream. I woke up with a startle, looking up into the faces of my best friends, and of course, Heather had a wet cloth ready to dab my forehead with. 
I pushed her hand away as she tried to touch me again with it and muttered, "Do you two know a Jose?" I rubbed my eyes and looked at the clock, I was asleep for two hours. Damn.
"Yes, he was the new kid at our school. Why?" I frowned and looked at her again, trying to sit up and conquer the headache that was hitting my head.
"What did he look like?" I rubbed my temples, about to get up, but Mike pushed me down and kept me sitting.
"He was tall, tan, had a white smile, brown eyes, black hair... why?" She also kept me down, as i tried to get up once again, looking down at me with worry. I only shook my head.
"Just wondering." I finally gave up, and laid back down on my bed, turning over. "I think he might be a Spirit user."
I heard gasps from both sides of me, only hurting my head even more. I groaned in response, and hugged my knees tight. Whatever he did, certainly took the energy out of me, but i don't know how or why.
And yes, readers, I did say Spirit user. There's the five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. Spirit was rare, in most cases, but a lot of people had the element. Everyone has a specialty in some kind of element, but the powers aren't strong enough to notice, or even smart enough to notice. I've been too lazy to find out what i specialize in, but Heather and Mike both specialize in Water. But most Angels and Demons usually specialized in obvious things: Demons, fire and Angels, Spirit.
Everyone said i had a chance of knowing both, but i highly doubt that, knowing that I can't even light a candle without getting burnt. But, life isn't fair, so that's all I've got to say. I kept thinking back about my dream, then back about Drew, not knowing what to talk about first. So i just waited to see what bothered me most, the fact that i have never met Jose, and he wondering how i was doing, or the fact that Drew actually cheated on me.
"Jessica?" Mike said, looking down at me. I was so lost in thought, i guess i didn't catch what he had said. "Did you hear me? How would you know?" 
I sucked in a deep breath and explained my whole dream, telling him how he looked at me to the details of how he looked in the tight shirt he wore. When i was finished explaining, I looked at both Heather and Mike, then they both shared glances, and it looked like they wanted to flood a river.
"Jose's probably one of your mom's tricks. Using him against you to get information." Heather spoke up first, looking at me. I opened my mouth to speak again, but closed it right away. Was she right? Or was Jose actually wondering how i was doing? I had no idea what was going on, but i wanted to just head out to the city and kill something. Something evil that has been killing every other innocent life out there.
"We need to get going." I muttered, looking around for my bag, still laying in my spot. I tried sitting up again, but i sat there in a doozy. My head was spinning and i clutched it, thinking it would stop the spinning. But it didn't. I shook my head, nearly making it worse, and frowning. "Okay, maybe after we get some rest." Mike and Jessica nodded, but to my surprise, Heather slid in my bed next to me, already in her PJ's.
"It'll be like old times," she said. "And i know you wouldn't want Mike and I cuddling in front of you, since... you know." She turned off the lamp, and soon later, i heard Mike snoring in the other bed.
"Your boyfriend snores like a hog." I whispered, and i heard a light giggle before i drifted off to sleep again, this time, no one bothering me.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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Added on May 8, 2012
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