.:Chapter Eight:. Party.

.:Chapter Eight:. Party.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

I walked in, still with the music beating on my eardrums, and found the bar. I looked around, at all the people, and this was a jackpot. Everyone that were workers here are Demons. I smiled as i looked around, so i sat at the bar, looking at the table. I tapped the table a few times, and waited for a response. I looked up, to finally see the bartender standing there.
"Water please." I muttered, looking back down. He walked away, and soon came back with a glass of water. I smiled up at him, and he gave me a curious look and walked away. I took a sip of my water, and looked around, over my shoulder. There he was, sitting at a table, with a Demon girl. A beautiful blonde haired Demon girl, who was trying to pull him into the back of the club. 
I walked over and gently tapped on his shoulder, and he turned around, his smile dissapearing. I looked back, into his beautiful sparkling eyes, and sighed, knowing that he threw all we had away.
"I thought you weren't going to contact me anymore." Drew said, still looking up at me. I opened my mouth to speak, but the blonde chick decided to interrupt.
"Drew baby, what's going on?" That was the voice i heard over the phone. I stared her in the eyes and tried to look at her, my stake burning in my boot a i refrained to take it and cut off her head with it. The rim around her eye was thick, so i know she had just fed off of someone. I kept studying her, just like she was me, and by the looks in her eyes, she knew i was dangerous.
"Drew, lets go talk somewhere in private. Okay? Okay." I grabbed his arm, and tried to head for the door, but he yanked his arm away, and stood up. I looked at him, and boy did he look more pale than usual. I studied his features, and he looked a less more full, like he was starving himself. But no, he wasn't the case. The blonde girl was.
"No. I like it here, and Stacey is my new lover," Ouch. "She gives me twice as much gifts as you do," Ouch. "She makes me feel really whole," Ouch. "And she actually gives me sex." S**t. She's dead meat.
This was the worst place to do it, but i quickly shoved Stacey into the wall behind her, and looked at her, staring into her heartless soul. "Let him go out of this trance, and you're home free. I swear to God, if you don't let Andrew go, I'll kill you right here, right now." She actually looked scared for the first time since i saw her tonight, but then her lips pulled up a small smile.
"You're just a human, young girl." She said, still not acting upon my moves. I guess it was illegal to hurt a human with bare hands, so they only used their teeth. Teeth. Great. I swiftly pulled out my stake and held it up to the girls throat, blocking the view of this action with my body, and looked at her.
"I'm Lucifer's daughter. Go back to hell, and tell my mother i said hi." And i slit her throat, causing her to scream. The blood running out of her throat was a dark color, looking a bit like black and brown. Drew was behind me, pulling me away.
"Jessie! I haven't seen you in forever! Baby, i miss you so.. what the hell?" He saw Stacey, and i looked around, seeing everyone coming our way. I dragged Drew with me to the ladies bathroom, and opened the window.
"Drew, jump. Now." I ordered, nearly just pushing him out the window. He just stood there, and a few moments later, he nodded and jumped onto the plushy grass. I jumped out after him, hearing the door open, and we ran, out into the open streets, exposed everywhere.

I called up Heather to come pick us up, and she did with Mike next to her. They both moved to the back seat, scowling at Drew, as we both sat in the seat. I handed Heather my stake, so she could clean it off. Drew kept going on and on about how much he missed me, and Heather just kept talking to Mike quietly about the rambling about Drew.
"Drew, you cheated on me with a Demon." I sighed as i finally heard quietness in the car, and slowly rolled down my window.
"What? No I didn't. We've been dating for two years, why would i cheat on you?" The sad part, he actually sounded serious.
"You said so yourself, Stacey gave you sex when i hadn't." I heard a chuckle in the back of my car, and heard a slap, then they shut up.
"No i hadn't.." he muttered, as i felt his gaze on the side of my head. I tried to hold back tears, remembering what he had said. "No. I like it here, and Stacey is my new lover, she gives me twice as much gifts as you do, she makes me feel really whole and she actually gives me sex."
"You hurt me, Drew." I said, keeping the sadness out of my voice. I kept my sight and my mind on the road, as i drove us back to the hotel. Drew was now having a calm conversation with Heather and Mike, and before i knew it, we were back at the hotel, in our parking spot. Finally getting out of my seat, they followed me into the hotel, and there she was. Reading a newspaper in the front chair, was both my mother and Stacey.
"Kill me now." I muttered.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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