.:Chapter Nine:. Trouble.

.:Chapter Nine:. Trouble.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

They both looked up at the four of us, and i froze where i was. Heather and Mike kept walking, but i pulled Drew back, which drew attention toward us, because Heather and Mike also stopped a few steps ahead. I looked at Drew and almost pulled him back out of the building. But Stacy was up and walking before anyone could blink and think what was going on.
"So, Jessica, I told your mother hi for you, and she suddenly seemed interested to see you. All I'm interested is that hot hunk you're holding on to.. Give him to me.." She suddenly sounded like a friend, who asked for a white crayon.. but white crayons don't work on white paper, so i held my stance with Drew, and ignored her compulsion. Drew tensed, and flexed his arms, wanting to fight her, because i know he didn't want to see her, but compulsion is almost impossible to ignore when you're a human.
"Jessica, let me go." He muttered, in the trance. I held onto him tighter, and waited for Heather and Mike to help, but my mom seemed busy with them two.. They're under her compulsion, and by now, i wanted to scream and kick everything. My stake was in my boot, and i could easily reach down and grab it.. but then what would my mom do if she saw me grab it? Threaten to kill my friends? I couldn't risk that.. I need Michelle. Yeah, Michelle would know what to do.
But she was right. I wasn't ready to do this. She knew this would probably happen. I just need someone to open the door, and distract these two deadly women so they don't kill anyone. Mike and Heather.. I couldn't see them as Demons. I couldn't even see Drew as one either, no matter how incredibly sexy he'd look. What the hell am i saying? They're deadly creatures.
"Mom." I managed to find my voice. She stopped the compulsion for a quick second, and that's all i needed. Mike was already all over her, pulling his stake to her throat, and Heather was all over Stacey, who suddenly let Drew go, and Drew looked down at me, and suddenly just started to run away. I stood, speechless, wondering where he'd go, but hopefully not back at that club, even though it was a long walk.
Everything happened quickly - stakes were drawn, there was screaming, kicking, and punching. Everyone looked like animals, and what was i doing? Just standing there. Frozen, not knowing what to do. Still thinking if i should run after Drew, or draw my steak and kill both my mom and Stacey. It's my job to kill Demons, so, my hands reacted faster than my mind had, and I staked Stacey first, and watched her body turn to dust. I walked over to Mike and my mother, who were rolling all over the place, trying to battle to see who would stay on top of who. 
"Mom, this is for hurting me, abandoning me, taking refuge of my father, and for being the most hateful woman in the world." I swear i saw a hint of tears in her eyes before i staked her square in the heart, hearing her last bit of screams, and then drifting away as dust.
I tucked my hair behind my ear, and sighed, as i looked around at Mike and Heather. They looked around the room, and i knew they were looking for Drew. I sighed and shook my head, indicating i wanted to save them first. I looked away and back on the ground were my mom last laid, screaming for her life.
"Jessica, you know what this means right?" Mike stood up, and looked at me. I shook my head, and just turned around to walk out the door to scout for Drew.
"I hope you know you're the new Queen of Hell." Heather said, almost right behind me. I cursed under my breath as i heard the last three words come out of her mouth. I hadn't thought of that. Now Hell was my new world, and my new life. Could i just tell all the Demons to kill themselves and just let Heaven happily roam around the world? No. They wouldn't know until someone went to Hell and told everyone.
"Master." a voice said behind me. "You're my new master." Jake's voice filled the room as i turned around to look at him. I looked him in the eyes, and he looked sad. But his expression said otherwise.
"Jake." I muttered. "You go be a free man. I don't need a servant. I'm not heartless like my mother was." Jake's face lit up, as i said those words. He ran and hugged me so tight, that i nearly choked of suffocation. I hugged back happily though, feeling good for him, but where would he go? He spent almost all his life being bossed around by my mom. I dug around my pockets and found some cash and handed it to him.
"This is all i have, you can go do whatever you want with it." I said, looking up at his smile. He hugged me again, lighter this time.
"Thank you, Jessica." He said, and swiftly left the room, like he floated away. I looked back at Heather and Mike and shrugged.
"If I'm going to be the new Queen of Hell, well, they have a bad Queen. I don't give a s**t about Hell, or anyone that lives in it." I sighed, and sat down were my mom once sat. I leaned back and rested the back of my head on the seat. The hotel seemed empty at midnight, even though that was highly doubtful. My mother and Stacey probably tied them up, or used them as dinner.
"Uh, Jessica. Look who's here." Heather whispered in my ear as i looked at there, once again hearing screaming. It was Drew this time.
"Let me go!" I heard a slam as Drew said that and ran into the room and up the stairs. I stood up in alarm, wondering what was going on. I looked at Mike and Heather as they ran after Drew, and i walked out the door, and saw a body sitting there, holding his head in his hands, sitting against the building. He looked better in person, so actually seem him move and talk, was like the dream all over again.
"Why'd you bring him back?" I said, helping him up, and into the hotel.
"Because he loves you, and he was going to turn you into the police, so i had to convince him of the truth. I thought he knew about you and your buddies." He smiled his fabulous smile.
"He does, that's the sad part." I looked away and stared at the stairs where everyone dissapeared to. I looked back at Jose and smiled up at him. I managed a "Thank you" before he hugged me and dissapeared back out into the world behind the doors of the hotel. I ran were Mike, Heather, and Drew went, and smiled as I thought about what happen.
I finally killed my mother.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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