.:Chapter Eleven:. Big Problems.

.:Chapter Eleven:. Big Problems.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

I know this may sound crazy, even though it sounds crazy to me, but my heart and gut is telling to to find Jose. For a few reasons actually, that i should believe myself. He hasn't been in my dreams since that night, and I just have to learn more about him. He just ran away like a little chicken, probably scared of something, maybe even scared of me. I kept my face straight every time i thought of him, because that dream just felt so real.. the warmth of his lips on mine..
"Jess," Heather shook my shoulder. "Stop thinking about him, alright? He'll come back." I sighed and slowly got up from the table, stalking my way to the back door. Shortly after, i heard people follow after me, probably hoping i didn't try to harm myself, or anyone for that matter. I sat on a bench in the sun, feeling the warmth of it on my skin. I took a breath of fresh air, and started looking around the yard, wishing i could do something to make it more beautiful.
The yard was more like Adam and Eve's garden, though I'm pretty sure that's what Michelle was after. We had an archway in the entrance of the gate, and it was a beautiful white, glowing under the beating sun above. The beautiful flowers flooding the garden, was mixed of roses, tulips, marigolds, and more. There was a stone path winding through it, and in the far back, where the path goes to, is a small pond. It has a low waterfall, and the sound on a good day was peaceful.
I slowly got up, and followed the stone path, though it took a few strides to get to the small pond, i looked down and stared at the fish's flashy golden scales like flashing lights on a New York street at night. In the middle of the pond was a fountain, and yes, it was an angel, and Michelle tells us that it's a special one, one that causes good dreams if you wish to it. I knelt down at the water and stuck my fingers in, feeling the soft flow.
I slowly stood back up straight, and started back for the house. I saw that Mike and Heather were watching me from the window (Creepish, but eh.) and after they knew i saw them, they backed off, probably back to Mike's room. I opened the door and quietly closed it behind me, walking back to Michelle's computer. Sadly, Michelle wasn't there, so i quietly waited for her to come back from whatever she was doing, eager to ask a big, maybe regretful, question.
Maybe half an hour later, she came back in the room with a cup of coffee and a robe wrapped around her. I looked up at her, and she looked like a real Angel. Maybe she secretly bathed in Holy Water, i don't know. I bit my lip as i tried to word my question in my mind, or trying to find out what she's say how crazy it was.
"Jess, what's wrong? Somethings bothering you." Michelle quietly sat in her chair, and turned to face me. I looked up at her and gave her a small forgiving smile. 
"I have a question, but I don't think I'd like your answer." Now, i gave her an apologetic smile, and glanced around the room over her shoulder, avoiding eye contact. I doubt she'd let me travel half way around the world..
"Ask away, honey. No matter what, I'll try to be as nice as possible." I tried not  to giggle at her, because she sounded way too serious. I sighed and slowly let out a deep breath and finally asked the question:
"Would you support me in any way to help me find Jose?"
Her reaction wasn't what i expected. I thought she'd thrash and claw my eyes since running to a guy isn't really my card to play. But she just sat there, and looked like she was thinking. Hard.
"I would support you, Jessica." She said. "But, Spain is so far away, and I've been told to stay here. Of course i wouldn't have a problem with Mike going with you, but, yes, I will and always will support you with what you think is right." Her face relaxed as she said that, and i just looked at her.
"Thank you. But, Mike and Heather need to stay here. I really need to just do this for myself for once." I tried to keep a good, serious face. I needed to act mature, not that I'm not or anything (heh.), but i really did think this was right. I needed to find Jose because whatever happened that night was a mystery, and i really wanted to know what was going through his head, or if just didn't want to think about it.. or worse: Forget about it.
"Jessica, you know I'm not letting you travel half way around the world on your own." Michelle muttered, probably trying to be quiet.
"What if i try to find Jake? Do you think he'd help me out?" I said, looking down.
"You did kill your m- i mean, you did kill his old master. The least he can do is repay you for setting him free. But yet, you set him free. So, i doubt he'd come to your help." She sounded upset, thinking how this would turn out. She probably even knew that Jake had a big enough heart to come to my help, to come and find the person i needed to find. 
I got up out of my chair and headed towards my room, shutting my door quietly behind me. I had finally found my solution, but yet, i still had to find Jake. I doubt he'd just appear out of anywhere. So, if i can't find him, then i suppose i'm off on my own for a little field trip to find Jose. I sat in my bed and laid down, wishing it was back at that night, wishing he could kiss me again. 
Without noticing it, i fell asleep, almost my own dream, but then i saw a figure out in the dream...
It was Jose, but i could barely make out what he looked like.
"Jose?" I muttered, looking at his foggy body. He was walking slowly, and less smoothly as he regularly did. When his figure actually started to clear up, i was shocked at what I saw. he looked butchered, with scratched up and down his body, dried blood smeared around his face. My mouth was wide open for a second, and i slowly closed it, swallowing back tears. 
"Jessica.." His accent rang in the air for a second, and i tried to run to him, tried to go comfort him. But i couldn't, i suddenly felt weak and helpless. I stared down at myself and saw scratches up and down my arm, and felt the stinging on my face, and the warm blood drenching me up and down, flowing.
"Jose.. stop using spirit, its hurting both of us." I swallowed again, my mouth feeling suddenly dry. I was thirsty, and hungry. I felt empty and not whole at all. Was i feeling what he was? Where was he? The questions flooded my mind, as i saw him start to fade away, almost looking like a silhouette. The figure whispered something, something that kept echoing in the thick air of my dream.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

Author's Note

sorry about not posting a lot lately.. Basketball has me busy<3

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