A Poem by Camryn Jeter

I spend most of my time in this rectangular prism
A prison
Or is it?
It seems so sometimes
These white walls and role-calls and then the bell chimes
Bored, lonely faces
The pressure to prove yourself
Untied shoelaces
For 13 years, I've called this place home
I fall here; I fly here
These people are my own
It knows all my secrets
It keeps them so well
In here I've been embarrassed
and I've been through hell
It's seen me spend recess crying in a bathroom stall
It's seen me through friendships, heartbreaks, and all
It showed me I am capable; I am funny; I am smart
It knows I so easily give away my heart
It gave me responsibility and expects me to deal
with problems on my own and express how I feel
It knows my inside jokes; it's seen all my phases
It knows me and everyone- names, cliques, and faces
It saw me just quit on something that I love
It's seen my mistakes
It's seen me give up
It saw me want somethin so badly it hurt
It saw me work hard and get what I deserved
It's seen me so excited that I couldn't sit still
It held me inside of it when I fell ill
It terrified me; gave me pride
It is my teacher and guide
It broke me down, built me up, gave me something to hope for
But in shaping me as a person,
there's nothing else I could thank more.

© 2016 Camryn Jeter

Author's Note

Camryn Jeter
Whoa, I'm rhyming? Crazy. And yes I know there's a dangling preposition on the third line from the end but it's there for the sake of end rhyme.

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Really nice. This thing is true in the case of all of the students. We all have had( I still have) the same experiences from our schools. You did it so well, Camryn!

Posted 7 Years Ago

From my observation, school is like a prison. It programs you to think a certain way. I see it like a devouring monster. However, education system is okay if you know how to play the game with the beast. You don't let him deceive your intellect or way of thinking. Guard your individuality and in the end you can be yourself instead of the way he wants you to be.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 4, 2016
Last Updated on February 4, 2016


Camryn Jeter
Camryn Jeter


I'm 17. My sister is 3. I'm a majorette, hopeful veterinarian, animal rights advocate, Ravenclaw. Animal shelter volunteer. I am in love with everything about language; it has consumed me and I cannot.. more..

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A Poem by Camryn Jeter