On Christianity

On Christianity

A Story by Captain Wolf

A breif rant on one of the hindrances of society


Christianity can be much like racism: It causes one to believe they are better than a certain group of people.


Christianity can be false hope: No matter what horrible thing happens to a christian, they can always tell themselves "It's ok, this is God's plan," even if there is absolutely no evidence of that - or even if there's abundant evidence to the contrary.


Christianity can be overly judgemental: It tells that a good person, who hasn't wronged anyone in their life, is sentanced to unimaginable torture for all of eternity for simply not believing a certain way.


These observations are generalizations, not all christians fall to these tendancies, but most do.

© 2010 Captain Wolf

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Captain Wolf
This will be updated speratically with new observations

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Ah my brother I'm afraid you are not speaking about the christianity that I know.

1. The most profound part of being a christian is that we recognize our need for Jesus. Not that we are better than anyone else. The more we come to grips with our brokenness, the more we realize we need the Lord. The God I believe in does not favor any person, any group, any race over another.

2. Understanding God's plan does not lead to being emotionless or careless. For throughout the Bible we see Jesus weeping, expressing anger, and becoming upset with the world around Him. Understanding that the Lord has a plan, does not mean merely accepting everything and being ok with the tragedies of this world. For this world is not how God intended it. The Lord will one day return to restore this world, wiping out all evil and sin.

When God is what you love most, desire most, and put your hope in, then no matter what happens around you and to you, you still have Him.

I could continue, but I shall leave it here.

I know this was posted a long time ago, so I hope that your experiences since then have shed a new light on Christianity and the Loving Father that I have come to know and love.

Thanks for your honesty

Posted 7 Years Ago

Captain Wolf, I'll say first of all that I am a Christian. I don't like arguing over the internet, but you bring up some interesting points that I'd like to address. I don't think I'm better than anyone. Not at all. In fact, to become a Christian, you must admit you are evil. That you can't do anything to save yourself and submit to God. Christianity is admitting that you are NOTHING. As far as a false hope goes...you're talking to a guy who went through depression and lost two close family members and a friend in one year. Do I know why God let it happen? No. But God got me through it. Because of God, I overcame it and it made me a stronger person. And now I can talk to other people going through depression. As far as being judgmental, I'll use an example. Say your brother gets murdered. The murderer gets on the stand and tells the judge he was a good person all his life. The only thing he's done wrong is that one murder. The judge tells him he is free to go because his good outweighed his bad. Now that's injustice. The Bible also says that hate is equal to murder because it isn't just your actions that make you evil, it's your thoughts as well. Christianity isn't a God sitting up on a throne throwing people to hell. It's Jesus coming to a world of hopeless sinners and giving them a way out. I know there are A LOT of Christians who are hypocrites and consider themselves better, it's only too true. But you'll find that with any religion or even atheism. But here's a question for you if Christianity is just a hoax...why are you living? Why are you on the face of this planet? What is your purpose? Mine is to serve the Creator of the universe and led a life that glorifies him. So what's yours if God doesn't exist? Just something to consider. Thank you for your time. While I don't agree with your position, I respect it. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope that you just give what I've said some thought.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I couldn't agree more.
One of my issues with Christianity is that, sure Jesus forgives us but not in order that we don't have to also forgive, ourselves and others. It is his way (by forgiving) to set an example for us. Much as the way he lives all of his teachings (to show the way). Not merely to do it "for" us so we don't have to but to prove that it can (and must) be done in order to achieve the relationship with God which he has. Jesus said himself (according to the bible) in so many words; The things which I can do, you can do too and better!

I find this point sorely lacking in the vast majority of Christians. D

Posted 11 Years Ago

there is a generous mercy and kindness in this viewpoint of yours
that I believe Jesus tried to lay emphasis on. Of course human beings
must first perfect a thing, make it theirs, and change it to fit their
beliefs. Free will tells me that God usually keeps his hands behind his
back unless he gets a call or request. Wonderful piece of reading.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Most christians (and most members of other religions) completely misinterpret their faiths, which is good. If they actually followed the bible being a disobedient child or worshiping the stars/moon would be punishable with stoning. Islam, Judaism, some forms of Hinduism and the occasional branch of Bhuddism are also screwy.

While Taoists have a religion with absolutely no objectionable parts, and yet, they have had the occasional genocide against innocent Bhuddists/Confucianists. People just make what they will of it. If they wherent religious nuts they'd just be the regular kind. Nazis or Teapartyers I guess.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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