The Cordovaf Führer, Vol 100-2006: The Introduction Version 690.80.006

The Cordovaf Führer, Vol 100-2006: The Introduction Version 690.80.006

A Chapter by ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Where life takes, there I must go. Dreams as lover do and soar. The Führer has wings that soar and fly. The news is broadcast all over Cordovaf and the Empire Kingdoms

Emperor Chau Madden Lively is  The Cordovaf Führer, The Absolute Successor & The Absolute Ruler. She is also The American  Führer, The Absolute and True Ruler and The Successor in all of America and Lands.  There are many  Top and highly ranked  Admiral and Generals  tried to contact her about the roles, choices, and developing areas and commanding armies and troops in her roles and the likes.  The  Führer is busy  going through her messages via the  High Kings and may update about the necessary  information as the story progresses.

Moreover, The  Führer is recognized as being the successor of the Chaus (Roses and Lillies., namely because she loves flowers and soar through her love for the Ideal.]  Her cells and DNA regenerate and gave birth to them. She also rebirth to a new self and species. 

The  Führer (!) also inherits truest massive, ideal wealth and riches on her own and  especially from King Chrissinger Luu I & II, King Tariq I & II and King Damut I & II and other Kings mentioned in previous chapter (The Grand Masquerade). 

Her new powers of many levels  and stages of succession and true ownership, absolute absorption and championship  have led her to  truest Ideal Beings, though she is no longer considered human, much less God. 

These are new information that she truly knows and happy thereof.


© 2020 ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Author's Note

♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹
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Added on June 28, 2020
Last Updated on July 3, 2020