The Royal Heirs: The Pregnancy

The Royal Heirs: The Pregnancy

A Chapter by ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Today is as good as the future. Where life takes me, there I must go.


Prior to any knowledge of Cordovaf existence and before the American Princess' marriage to King Chrissinger Luu I & II, the Emperor Chau Madden Lively surprisingly got pregnant to the Emperor Chrissinger Luu I & II.

The Emperors were chasing around in the Maze Gardens outside the Palace and that was how it happened. They did not talked of the pregnancy but later Emperor Chau found out that King Chrissinger Luu knew it all along. No other knew about the child that were there before birth even though they knew Emperor Chau Madden Lively has children with other Great Mens.

The Maze Gardens made Chau Madden Lively felt safe to pursue the Emperor Chris. because it has her power of endless green (tree) mazes.  Emperor Chau got upset and angry with Emperor Chris over events that are fictitious because she was pregnant with him, amongst other reasons. And King Chris cried a lot over the ideals. 

The story of King Chris' and Emperor Chau Madden Lively's heir started on the child after the Marriage and on their Honeymoon, after which they had many children. Those group of heirs are named "Lilieth" and "Lileth" since by now, more princes want to involve and present in the story.


© 2020 ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Author's Note

♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹
This is from the Bonus episodes.

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Added on July 10, 2020
Last Updated on July 10, 2020