The Fairytale: The Very Beginning 📌📚

The Fairytale: The Very Beginning 📌📚

A Chapter by ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Dreams as lovers do and soar. Where life takes me, there I must go. Today is as good as the future.

Princess Chau Madden Lively has long ago been the Fuhrer of the World and Europe.
Her Royal Highness found out her vital role as a ruler, conqueror and lover of all things before she became the Queen for all the people at the early days and early Parties with the loved ones.

Her power and gifts had led and guarded her for the longest journey.
That is until she met the love of life and the men of her dreams.

King Chrissinger Luu I, II & III, Damut I, II & III and Randoll I, II & III have been following her as they know her by destiny and fate before they were born. Though then her Royal Highness is also married to many infinite of men before meeting them or anything. 

The nine groups of Kings and the others strive to win her heart with all their might and be with her.

She is the love of their life.

This is the hidden information before the events of the "Bachelor Romance" (The Aftermath).


© 2020 ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Author's Note

♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹
Randoll is appeared in story from the future or the current days.

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Added on July 18, 2020
Last Updated on July 20, 2020