World Map

World Map

A Chapter by Carcilia Ravencraft

Here you will find a description of my world, Wolvania.


This is Wolvania, where the story takes place. Here you'll find a brief explanation of the lands.

Terranine: This is the Royal Country of Terranine. Here you'll find the five city-states Aquaoso, Vitello, Solera, Fuega, and The Royal City Of Clarity.

► The Royal City of Clarity - This city sits in the center of Terranine. The King and Queen of Terranine, Queen Symphonia and King Esther Terranine, also live here in the royal castle with their three children Prince Alexio, Princess Alexandra, and Princess Casandra.
Clarity is also referred to as simply "The Royal City"
In the Royal City there is always plenty to do. At the center of it is the royal castle, surrounded by a large city square that circles the castle. There in the city square are many merchants from every corner of Terranine, and to set up shop is free. The temperature is moderate.
The Royal City of Clarity is a lovely city with gray brick roads and buildings. There is a constant sound of rushing water around the city because of the aqueducts under the streets that are covered only by metal bars, and pipelines along the roofs of every structure. These are necessary because of the fact that Clarity does not touch water on any side of land.
Those born in Clarity with pure Claritin (name for those born in Clarity) blood have normal to dark brown hair and green eyes.

► Aquaoso - To the northwest of The Royal City of Clarity is Aquaoso. It is home to a few holy beings who have moved there from The Holy City of Leo, the main city of a chain of prophetic and magic baring lands called "No Name Islands" by people from Terranine, but by those living there it is called Celeste. Aside from the magic immigrants, regular humans live here, too.
The people of Aquaoso are usually busy making clothes or gathering and selling food. Aquaoso is a low-civilization city-state, populated by villages throughout the land. Each village is usually separated by a mile or more of forest. It is usually very cold here, and it usually snows every night.
Most village homes in Aquaoso are made of logs tied together with long river grass. Cloth is usually an item received by trade with Clarity, for the people of Aquaoso prefer to leave machines alone. It's dirt floors and patch-work clothing for these people!
Those born in Aquaoso with pure Aquarien (name for those born in Aquaoso) blood have black hair and blue or sometimes green eyes.

► Vitello - To the northeast of The Royal City of Clarity is Vitello. People here are much like those from Aquaoso; peace-loving, close-to-nature types. Though the people here would much rather sleep in a hammock than a log cabin. They tend to be incredibly close to nature.
These people make their clothes from leafs, grasses, and twine, so their pretty busy with that! They usually eat fish, fruits and nuts. They don't trade with the Royal City. But they'll make an exception with Aquaoso. The people here sleep in trees or tree houses they have made out of twine and drift wood from their beaches. They have a tropical climate.
Those born in Vitello with pure Vitellan (name for those born in Vitello) blood have blonde or strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes.

► Solera - Laying to the southwest of The Royal City is Solera. It's people are a crabby bunch that will always give you the impression that they're having a bad day. You really want to watch what you say around these people.
Solera is a desert city with almost nothing. Unless you really know what your doing out here you will usually starve to death. You'll find lone huts and tents dotted all around the city. There are very few camps. You're lucky if you can find water away from the boiling beaches here. Solera has been at war with Fuega almost since the beginning of it's existence. Ask anyone from either city what they think of each other and they will always say they hate the other, but if you ask them why they won't have an answer for you. Yet, there is a book on the two city's spat in the Royal library in the city square in Clarity.
Those born in Solera with pure Solarien (name for those born in Solera) blood have red or sandy brown hair and green eyes.

► Fuega - At the southeast of Clarity is Fuega. The people here are as hot tempered as their neighboring city, Solera. Just don't expect them to get along at a picnic. These people are cut-throat killers and bounty hunters. Did you ask who is winning the SoleraFuega war? Well its Fuega.And they've been winning for a little more than half the war's time.
Fuega is almost identical to Solar aside from it's many taverns and inns. Despite the brutality of it's people, Fuega has more services to offer than Solera.
Those born in Fuega with pure Furian (name for those born in Fuega) bloor have dark brown hair and black or silver eyes.

Celeste: You see that name-less chain of islands to the right of Terranine? That's Celeste. A chain of islands inhabited by magic users, the God and Goddess Minth and Wish, and all sorts of other mind blowing things that can't even be listed. Only a few of people from Terranine have ever been on the lands of Celeste, and that's for a very important reason; humans are defenseless creatures that would be squished like a bug by even a five-year-old girl in Celeste. Humans from Terranine are only aloud on Celeste for one reason; trade. like Vitello and Aquaoso, they don't believe in machinery in Celeste. But they do love extravagant clothing, so they trade with those willing to bring them such lush clothing. If a trade ship doesn't bring them what they are supposed to the ship is destroyed and the merchants on the vessel jailed.
The people that inhabit all islands here obey the two supreme Gods: Minth and Wish, who have chosen the harpy woman Dana Frett as their prophet to convey their messages.
Every island and city of Celeste look the same; forest, nature, and magic.

►Holy City of Leo - Here is where the prophet (person chosen by the God and Goddess to convey their thoughts and commands to the people of their land) Dana Frett and her Holy Command, Michael Thompson, Jason Reed, and Joseph Link, the 1st 2nd and 3rd Holy Priests and the Secretary of the Holy Chair Thomas Grant live. Dana's news from the God and Goddess spread from this city easily. Here you can also find the Holy Church of Minth and Wish. Inside of this large church you can usually find the three Holy priests that work directly under Dana.

► Other cities and islands of Celeste:
Luna (abandoned city)
Reef (warring)
Chance (warring)
Cloud (Cloud islands: Cirrus, Cumulus, and Tri Sorte)

© 2011 Carcilia Ravencraft

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I would like to live in the Royal City of Clarity. :D Btw, this reminds me. I added a new Goddess to Amaterasu. Check it out, please? :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Carcilia Ravencraft
Carcilia Ravencraft

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I'm 15. I really suck at writing but I do it for fun so hang you. I mostly like to write about pirates, mythical creatures and places, and wild animals like wolves or foxes, so on and so forth. Music.. more..