*Warning This Is NOT A Poem*  And It Will Always Be There

*Warning This Is NOT A Poem* And It Will Always Be There

A Poem by Carcilia Ravencraft

This isn't a poem. In fact, I'd much rather you not read this at all... I wish we didn't have to mark audience.

 I've never felt pain until your pain
I've never understood how the human heart could hurt
This pain in my chest
It is new to me

 I didn't think you could do it
I didn't think it would happen
But it did
And now here I stand and I reflect

 The human heart is foolish
That is why our brain makes the decisions
But we fallow our heart
Given the chance and the strength

 I lived a carefree life
Up until now
I don't know why I care so much
You've moved on, yet I haven't lost you

 All I ever wanted was for you to be happy
But the time came and it showed me
You were happier without me
I can understand... But why does it hurt?

 You are happy now
You are happier free
I see this and I'm happy for you
But so why am I not happy for me?

 We still talk
We pursue others
I am happy...?
Why don't I feel happy?

 You left your mark on me
It's right here on my heart
Where it hurts
Where it festers

 It will never vanish (To my knowledge)
Like a tattoo on my ancestor's body
I refuse to call it a scar
It is the empty home you left in my heart

          .... And it will always be there.......

© 2011 Carcilia Ravencraft

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Added on July 21, 2011
Last Updated on July 21, 2011


Carcilia Ravencraft
Carcilia Ravencraft

nowhere, CA

I'm 15. I really suck at writing but I do it for fun so hang you. I mostly like to write about pirates, mythical creatures and places, and wild animals like wolves or foxes, so on and so forth. Music.. more..