A Promise-Edward Cullen meets a friend

A Promise-Edward Cullen meets a friend

A Story by Cคɾเภค{♥}

For all those Vampire dairies/Twilight fans! This is written before Elena or Bella came into their lonely lives. Very funny and heart warming. This story is aka A Promise.






            Did he have to be the one with his own personal demon? One word that made Satan run in fear: Damon. The most viscous, ignorant, and sex-driven moron he had ever lived with. To make matters worse he was Stephan’s brother.

            Stephan calmed himself down. A gentleman like himself should not think vile things about anyone, even Damon. He sighed. Centuries old and Stephan still couldn’t pass for perfection.

            What he needed was to get away. Somewhere Damon wouldn’t follow. Someplace rainy. Damon hated rain. Smiling away he then made my way towards the internet. He Googled rainy towns in the United States, a country, where Damon hated to go. Clicking on the first sight, a picture of a green place, and a caption underneath appeared.


Forks, Washington


            A small town located in the Western Peninsula of the United States, with a population of 3000. Rain all year long, with small amounts of warm days.



            The place called Forks sounded promising. Yes, that’s where he would go.




            “Edward!” Alice knocked lightly on my door. Never leaves his room, she thought. I didn’t answer, she would get the message. I didn’t want to watch the newest pirated movie Jasper managed to get, or help Esme cook for the needy children at the Hospital. It was all so meaningless. My life was meaningless.

            Alice knocked again, harder this time. I know you can hear me! Get off your lazy butt, Emmet wants to arm wrestle.

            “Leave me alone,” I mumbled. I was sulking in the darkest corner in my room. Not that it mattered, I could see perfectly. Alice’s thoughts annoyed, she finally left. I cranked up the music with my remote listening to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. I hummed with the electric guitar solo, letting my thoughts scatter.


            Lately I was lonelier than ever. It hurt to be with my family when all of them were paired and I was alone. Would it always be this way, or would I eventually give in to Tanya? I doubted it. I never really was attracted to blondes. Well not since Rosalie moved into our lives. Why couldn’t I have someone? Did God have something against me personally? Not like I was going to heaven anyways.

            I snapped my head up; Emmet was coming to drag me out. If he won’t come out by himself, I will personally visit him. The door fell down with a bang. He broke it.

            “What the hell, Emmet!” I growled, and crouched in front of him, tensed.

            “Oh, don’t be such a baby. We can get a new one.” Emmet replied easily, grinning. I wondered if Esme would get angry if I hit Emmet with a wall. Probably.

            I stood up straighter, and composed my face. “I’m trying to enjoy some quiet time, if you don’t mind.” I replied coolly, and snatched my remote from the floor.

            “Don’t be ridiculous! You’ve been spending quiet time in here for the whole weekend.”

            “Get out,” I snarled, as his thoughts directed towards getting violent. Maybe if you didn’t have your music…He whirled around and yanked my stereo out of its place and ran. “Emmet!”

            “Little bro, you have to know how to have fun. Lose up a little,” I heard him say from downstairs. I ran quickly down the stairs, to see him holding a pitcher of water over my stereo. I didn’t need to read his thoughts to see where he was going with this.

            “Toss it over here!” I heard Alice yell, from the terrace above my head. I snarled in anger. How amusing, Jasper was watching from the couch with Rosalie watching Fast and Furious.  

            I wasn’t going to go along with their childish game, like they wanted me to. Instead I did the opposite of what they thought I would do. “Carlisle!” I yelled, tattle-telling like a five year old.

            “What’s going on here?” Carlisle asked, flitting down the stairs with Esme by his side. Alice came down to help defend Emmet, the little traitor. I grimaced at her and she stuck her tongue out. Tattle-tale! She accused me.

            “They-,” I said pointing at Alice and Emmet, “decided to have fun with my Stereo, the one that cost more than Alice’s nicest outfit.”

            “Is this true?” Carlisle asked dully, obviously annoyed with their childish behavior. I held back a smile.

            “Well, yeah.” Emmet said.

            “He’s not telling it right!” Alice intervened. “Edward was sulking in his bedroom for days! As his favorite sister, I was so worried he was cutting himself, maybe turning emo. So, I went in their to help him. He wouldn’t budge so we resulted to force. It was he only way to save him, daddy.” Alice said angelically. I shot her a glare and she thought smugly, I left out the part of you possibly masturbating…I growled menacingly.

            “Alice, Emmet, you two have no right to do such a thing! Let Edward be alone if that’s what he wants, but…Edward you have to come out of your cave, understand me?”

            “Yes,” I said smoothly.

            “It’s all settled then,” Esme agreed. I shot over by Emmett’s side and took my stereo, running back up to place it in my room. That’s when I heard a sports car turning into our driveway. I reached out to hear the thoughts of the stranger. I wonder if they’ll welcome me. Hmm…this house reminds me of one of my other homes. The thoughts were coming from a male vampire with a hint of an Italian accent. Why didn’t Alice see him coming?

            The doorbell rang and I was downstairs in time to see Carlisle give Alice a puzzled expression as she shrugged. I went to Carlisle’s side as he opened the door to our Italian visitor.

            Before us was a short, dark haired, green eyed vampire with a look of confusion on his face. Clearly he didn’t know we were vampires too.

            “Hello,” Carlisle said kindly.

            The Italian’s thoughts were scattered, incoherent. “Hello, I am Stephan Salvatore.” His accent was very noticeable.

            “Welcome, what may we do for you?”

            “I need…”

            “A place to stay,” I answered for this Stephan. He shot me a surprised look, and I smiled slightly. “I read thoughts.” 

            “Interesting…and your name?”

            “Edward, Edward Cullen,” I answered and shook his hand.


* * *



            It was late afternoon when Stephan was finally settled in one of the many guest rooms. I didn’t know much about him. His thoughts were usually clouded with anxious apprehension that his sadistic brother might show up. We eventually explained our lifestyle to him and he answered with surprise.

            “Vegetarian? Well, I guess that’s what I am as well. I haven’t drunken human blood in…I lost track.” He grinned, tensely. He was not comfortable around us. And we weren’t aware that were other kinds of vampires out there. Almost a different species, his blood was very close to a human’s. Burned our throats.

            Carlisle’s thoughts were more curios tan ours. I wonder if he has the same acute senses as ours. Maybe he is a more advanced version of vampire… “Do you feed….often?”

            “Yes, every day. Or my powers weaken,” Stephan answered dully, and most of frowned.

            “What powers?” Alice asked, rubbing her temples. She hated that she could not ‘see’ this version of vampires.

            “Telepathy, strength, and more control.”

            “Huh, you’re not much different than us.”

            “Earlier you thought a lot about your…brother, is that why you came here? To get away from him?” I asked coldly. I did not like that he was running away and bringing his problems here, to involve us.

            “Yes. He has a very different outlook on our life than I do. He also isn’t gentle, but brute. And-,” He hesitated for a moment. And to get away from the ghost of Catherine.

            “Who is Catherine?” I snapped, maybe their was a greater threat, but I only saw dim flashes of a beautiful girl.

            “She died a long time ago, and I miss her dearly. I don’t think I can live where I did before with her memory always in my mind.” Stephan choked up, and looked away. I softened abit, how tragic it must have been to lose someone he loved. Well, better to love and lost than never love at all. Like me.

            “Well your welcome here, Stephan. We already consider you one of us. Please don’t hold back. Our territory is your territory,” Esme said softly, her dimples showing as she smiled.

            “Thank you all. But, don’t worry. I’ll be gone before the summer is over,” he replied.

            “Good,” Rosalie said sharply, and we all gave her startled looks. “It wouldn’t be very wise if he came to school with us next year. I can already here the gossip,” she explained.

            And with that, the rest of them gave him a tour around the house as I sauntered to my room. This is where I am now. Sulking in silence was better than sulking with music. I didn’t want to do, hear, or see anything. I just wanted to be in peace in my form of…sleep. I didn’t want to think about the love I would never have. Or Catherine the girl that Stephan loved. So this was what I did. I ‘slept’.





            I walked with the woman Esme as she showed me around their home. I couldn’t help but notice the contrast of my olive toned skin to their pale on pale décor. They were nice enough people, welcoming like this. I even offered them rent money but they declined my offer. I was in my new room when the youngest siblings entered, except the mind reader.

            “So, do you like sports?” The bulky, muscular one called Emmet said.

            “Yeah, I guess.” I was embarrassed by my accent and envois of their perfect English.

            “And evidently he has a sense of style. Just look at his clothes and his car.” Alice, the tiny one purred.

            The gorgeous blonde one narrowed her eyes. “Do you like to be dressed?”

            “Umm,” I said, rather confused by her comment.

            “Rosalie means do you mind if Alice and herself pick out your clothing.” Jasper answered. He was tall and lanky, with honey blonde hair.

            “Oh, yeah, I don’t mind.”

            “He’s perfect!” Alice danced up and down clapping her petite hands.

            “Finally there’s someone here who doesn’t cheat and wants to play sports. He can easily fill in for Edward.” Emmet grinned in anticipation, and the others nodded in agreement. They left before I could respond.

            I wasn’t here to take the place of their brother, Edward. They were obviously put out with him because he didn’t associate a lot. The moment his questions were answered he left immediately to his room. Did he always behave in this behavior, or was it only because I was here? Either way, replacing him wasn’t going to help my relationship with him. It just might make matters worse.




            It must have been a week later when Alice knocked on my door again. I still hadn’t awaked from my so called slumber, and I didn’t want too. Edward, she mentally whined, and I groaned.

            Alice, for the hundredth time: Go away!” Of course she opened my new door instead.

            “Were going hunting. Come with us, please,” she said softly and batted her eyelashes. I just glared at her. I still hadn’t fully recovered from the stereo incident.


            “Please, please, please, puhhhleese!” 

            Alice, why do you want me to come?” I asked. Everyone’s thoughts were surrounded around Stephan as a new family member. They didn’t need me. They had Stephan now.

            “Because believe it or not you’re my favorite brother. And I miss you. Esme and Carlisle are worried that you’ll run off to the Volturie to kill yourself or something,” she pouted.

            “Do they think I’m that desperate?” I said, joking a little. It touched my cold heart that Alice considered me her favorite; even though I never do anything with her anymore.

            “They just miss you too. Besides, Stephan isn’t coming this time. He fed this morning.” She shrugged, but I could tell she was disappointed too; though she was trying to keep it out of her head.

            Alice I’m just not happy right now. In the next ten years I’ll be myself again. It’s a pattern for me. One day I’ll be gloom doomed, and the next day I’ll be composing on my piano,” I reassured her.

            She snapped, “You mean your man period?”

            “I guess you could call it that,” I chuckled a little. It had been awhile since I laughed.

            “Well, I guess if you won’t go, we’ll just have no fun on our hunt,” she replied dramatically, and I rolled my eyes. Have fun doing nothing she thought as she flitted out of my room, to go with the others. I sighed and shut my eyes.

            Not being able to dream was what I considered the worst thing about being a vampire. Living forever was the second, and the third was the thirst. I hated to know that when I shut my eyes I would still be awake, still be alert, and still be lonely. I would never wake up to a better day.

            But it couldn’t hurt to…pretend. I conjured up an image of myself in a black tux waiting at the end of an aisle in a beautiful church. In front of me, coming my way was a beautiful young woman. The veil covering her face, as she gracefully loped my way. In the audience was Esme with the rest of my siblings. Carlisle was by my side as my best man. I was about to unveil my fiancée when I opened my eyes to see Stephan hovering over me.

            This was not the bride I had pictured.

            “What are you doing here?” I asked, upset that I had not heard his thoughts entering my room.

            “I’m so very sorry, Edward. I was just wondering if you would talk to me.” Stephan’s green eyes were tense and wary. He was thinking I would decline his offer.

            “What about?” I asked, warily.

            “About how we are alike.”

            “Oh.” There was an awkward pause, and he wasn’t thinking about his reasons but about asking me to take a walk with him. “How about we walk and hunt at the same time. I’ve been ignoring my thirst far too long.”

            “Okay.” Stephan smiled in front of me for the first time. We ran downstairs and out the door, and then I realized he wasn’t quite as fast as I was.

            “Sorry,” I said, as he loped to my side.

            “It’s alright,” he huffed, catching his breath. I laughed. A rare thing for me.

            “So what was it you wanted to say…?”

            “Right, well, I just wanted to point out that you should not hide from your hurting. The longer you do the more it will hurt when you decide to face it.” Stephan said, rather seriously, his thoughts in the same direction.

            I stopped walking for a second, and paused until I noticed a flaw. “But isn’t that what you’re doing? Hiding from Damon and the memory of Catherine?”

            He grinned. “That is my point in why I think we are alike. We both have are problems but I think yours is most easily fixed. I’m much older than you, Edward, but I feel you are mentally stronger than me.”

            “Do you know my problem,” I asked sharply. I was annoyed that he thought the puzzle piece missing in my existence was so easy to find.

            “No,” he answered. Tell me about it.

            “Imagine living a hundred years and never finding that one person to keep you sane. Imagine living with your family who were all paired and happy together. Imagine always being the odd one out. Imagine feeling a hole in your heart for that one person to live. I would have a much different perspective on my existence if I had someone to share it with. I would rather be underground right now, or shredded to pieces and torched, than live this lonely forever. But I won’t do anything like that because I know it would hurt their feelings.” I sighed in frustration at the end. It was kind of nice to get it off my chest.

            Stephan smiled wider. “You don’t have it as bad as I do, trust me.” Imagine always living in the shadow of your brother and finally finding that person. Then you realize that one person falls in love with your sadistic brother. It ends up she wants you both, but you refuse. You and brother fight to the death, and turn into vampires together. You try to find Catherine and realize she killed herself. For the rest of my existence I’ve lived with my brother’s shadow looming over me, dominating at every chance he gets. So…now you get why your problem is a lot easier to fix than mine.

            “Sorry,” I mumbled to him, he nodded in acknowledgment, and kept walking. “How do you suppose I fix my problem, then?”

            “Sometimes the greatest things in life show up when you’re not looking. Let your love come to you. Fate has its ways.”

            I thought about what he said. To me it didn’t make much sense. “You want me to stop looking for that person?”

            “Yes. You can search the world, every crack and hole but…maybe she has to find you to realize she loves you. Who knows maybe she hasn’t been born yet?”

            “A human,” I scoffed. Falling in love with a human, how…impossible! Stephan laughed at my ‘ignorance’. 

            “Sometimes love comes in the strangest packages. So…I answered your problem, do you have an answer for mine?”

            “Yes,” I said easily, it was a simple answer. “It seems your problems surround the memory of Catherine. If you forget her, Damon will too. Find someone else, fall head over heels for that someone. You know it’s possible to be in love more than once?”

            “Forgetting Catherine is easier said than done…but I’ll take your advice seriously. Let’s head back to your home.”

            I hadn’t realized how far we had gotten from my house. Carlisle and the others were probably back. We ran towards the house and Stephan’s thoughts were confused. He wasn’t willing to forget Catherine, and fall in love again. I admit I wasn’t too excited about his answer for me. Fall in love with a human…if he wasn’t crazy he was going to have the Volturie on his back.  We caught a few deer on the way back.

            “Edward, where were you?” Esme said worriedly, looking from me to Stephan. She thought I was still going to kill myself.

            “Stephan and went on a hunt.” I replied, and was about to walk upstairs when Stephan caught my eye. I guess I shouldn’t sulk…

            “I thought you didn’t want to go?” Alice said accusingly at both of us.

            I grinned, “I changed my mind.”

            “Hormones,” she muttered. Everyone was happy, so it seemed. Emmet and Rosalie were fooling around on the couch. The lovebirds couldn’t careless that I could hear their thoughts. Alice was working on her fashion designs, while Jasper was watching Glory, a civil war movie. Stephan and Carlisle watched it with him. I stalked over to my piano, testing out the keys; it was like I never stopped playing.

            I played Esme’s song as she came over to sit next tome. “Oh, it’s lovely. I’ve missed it.”

            “Me too,” I smiled at her.

            “What did you and Stephan talk about, while hunting?” She was wondering why I was associating with them now.

            “Oh, you know, manly things.” She grinned.

            “Edward, I’m your mother, you have to tell me things.”

            “Our…love life,” I said reluctantly.



            “Honey, Edward, are you…gay?” The reaction in the room was so crazy; a human might have trouble keeping track of it. Emmet immediately stopped kissing Rosalie, and burst into a fit of laughter, shaking the whole house. Alice muttered. “I knew it.”  Rosalie and Jasper were too shocked to speak. Carlisle narrowed his eyes at Esme, wondering how she came up with that conclusion. I stopped playing immediately and almost crushed the piano. Stephan was…on the floor with Emmet. Little did he know that Esme thought he was homosexual too.

            “Mom!” I mumbled loudly at Esme.

            “What? I’m just wondering! You know you can tell me anything!”

            “No, I’m not…gay! How the hell did you come up with that!?”

            “You spend your time with Stephan and not us…” She was regretting she ever said anything, and I was thinking the same thing.

            “Nothing is happening between me and Stephan,” I growled.

            “Okay, okay. I’m sorry,” Esme muttered, raising her hands in surrender.

            “A little defensive, are we, Edward? A little too defensive?” Emmet asked, chortling.

            “Shut up,” I snapped at him. I calmed myself down, and kept repeating my sex status to everyone for two whole weeks. Esme kept apologizing to Stephan for assuming we ‘hooked up’. How did she come up with that? And Emmet and Alice were useless to argue with. They already ‘accepted me’ as ‘different.’

            It was hell all over again…



            Soon August came around, and the time for Stephan to leave was just around the corner. Despite my disputes with him, and the other problem, I was going to miss him. I knew it was harder for the others because they spent more time with him than me this summer.

            We all stood on the front lawn giving are farewells to him. Stephan slowly came to my and grasped me in a brotherly hug. “Remember what I told you Edward: love comes in the strangest packages. I have a feeling this year she’ll find you.”

            “Thanks Stephan. And, uh, try to forget and love the first vampire or…human you think is good for you. I don’t think Catherine would want you to be miserable your whole life over her.”

            He grinned sheepishly, “I guess your right. But, I think to make sure we make things happen, we should make a promise.”

            “A promise?”

            “A promise to fall for her, that one girl, no matter what. And, that the next time we see each other, we have someone.”

            “That sounds reasonable.  I promise.”

            “I promise.”

            He shook my hand and walked away to get in his car. We all looked after him in sorrow, we would miss him. Visit me in Fells Church, when you can. I smiled to myself, maybe I would. A humongous black crow flew in to the air, and followed Stephan’s direction. I frowned. It must be a coincidence.

            “Hey, Edward!” I turned around to see Alice coming to my side. Everyone was already back to their normal activities, but I was still standing in the spot Stephan’s car was usually parked. “Guess what?” She said excitedly, bouncing on her toes.

            “What, Alice?”

Carlisle just got off the phone with Charlie Swan. It ends up his daughter is moving here in January to live with him. Her name is Bella Swan, and she’s going to be a junior just like us, isn’t that exciting?”

“Interesting,” I mumbled, my thoughts on the promise Stephan and I made.



The End

(I’m sure everyone knows what happens next…)



;) Keep watch for my story on Alice and Jasper called: The ups and downs of Visions.


© 2009 Cคɾเภค{♥}

Author's Note

its done!

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I love it! Edward's sulking, Emmett's playfulness, Rosalie's hostilness, Esme's conclusions, and of course, Alice's questions and answers! I absolutely loved this! It was funny, emotional, and dramatic! This was awesome! It was very well written, wonderfully detailed, and greatly descriptive! It was cool how you switched from perspective to perspective! This was a fantastic story! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Wow this was really cool.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I love it. I love the way you have put the two stories together because everyone's like which is the better vamp Edward or Stefan and even though I don't think I know after reading this it seems they are both kinda even

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

you must tell me when you post the rest
i love it so far

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I love it! Edward's sulking, Emmett's playfulness, Rosalie's hostilness, Esme's conclusions, and of course, Alice's questions and answers! I absolutely loved this! It was funny, emotional, and dramatic! This was awesome! It was very well written, wonderfully detailed, and greatly descriptive! It was cool how you switched from perspective to perspective! This was a fantastic story! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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