To love a Vampire

To love a Vampire

A Story by Cคɾเภค{♥}

Funny, charming, and of course Alice....


To Love a Vampire….



            “Bella, this will be so much fun!” Alice squealed in delight, clapping her hands. Not that I wanted to go. Fashion was her existence, and it was my hell. I detested it. But no, that doesn’t stop Alice Cullen.

            Alice, do you know how dreadful this will be for me?” I whined, not going down without a fight. Though, I doubted my weak arms would make a difference to her vampire strength.

            “Please, please, please, Bella!” She pouted at me, her golden eyes pleading. Nobody had a chance in resisting that face. Oh, I was so weak.

            “Fine,” I muttered, tucking my mahogany hair behind my ear. I can’t believe I was letting Alice take me to a fashion show.

            “Yes! You are the best human ever.”

            “Thanks,” I replied dryly. She just giggled and pranced around her humongous room, happy as could be. I wondered why she was so…vibrant. Was this the way she was when she was human? Vampires rarely change. It was a permanence they had to exist with.

            “I know you’ll have fun. Just think of the ideas we are going to get for our last year in High school.”

            “Did one of your erratic, faulty visions give you the idea that I would enjoy myself?”

            She scowled. “They saved your life before. Remember, the whole James scenario?”

            “Yes.” I sighed. She was never going to let that go. I slumped into her pillows, glaring at the floor.

            “Just because Edward is on a hunting trip, doesn’t mean you have to be so glum. He was noble enough to deny his thirst for an entire month. Don’t take your moodiness out on me or the fashion show.”

            “Sorry, I didn’t think I was going to be this sad.”

            “I forgive you; now let’s get changed before we go!” Her entire face lit up, and I groaned internally. Alice dragged me by the hand to her closet. I rooted my feet to the ground before she could lead me in. “What now?”

            “I get lost easily.” I replied, eyeing the closet door suspiciously. Who knew what lurked behind it? I could just imagine the thousands of shoes. I shuddered at the thought.

            “Silly, Bella. Do you really think I would let you get lost?” She rolled her eyes and opened the door, leading me in before I could protest.

            It was worst than I thought.

            I could feel my mouth hanging open. The entire closet was bigger than Edward and Alice’s room put together. How the heck did she find something to wear with so much variety? I was pretty sure there were more shoes in here than the entire shoe store in Port Angeles.

            Alice, you have a serious problem.” I sauntered over to her; she was rummaging in a drawer on the other side of the closet.

            “I have a problem? I’m not the one wearing her fathers flannel shirt. People are automatically exiled from my closet by wearing that! ” Alice gestured at my shirt with disgust. Finally she found what she was looking for, and held it up to my body, sizing it. It was a beautiful cotton blue dress, with thin spaghetti straps.

            “So what?” I replied, both hands on my hips.

            Her eyes nearly bugged out of her. “Bella, flannel shirts are just plain tacky! There just as bad as loafers.”

            “I consider fashion a very inconsequential thing.”

            “I’m so glad you’re going to this fashion show with me, you need a healthy dose of style.” She flitted to the shoes to find a matching pair for the dress. “Aha! These are perfect, don’t you think?” She held up a pair of pretty, blue ballet flats. 

            “They’re nice.” I tried to show some enthusiasm, but my voice came out with false excitement.

            “I’m glad you think so, because you’re wearing them with that dress. I knew you couldn’t probably handle heels so these will do.” She grinned up at me; I was making her day by being her Barbie doll.

            “Whatever makes you happy, Alice.” I sighed.

            We dressed into our outfits, my dress a little too small, because Alice was nine inches smaller than me. But I admit, the dress looked adorable, the shoes making the whole thing fit together. I guess if I could endure an hour in Alice’s closet, I could spend two at a fashion show in Seattle.

            Alice looked breath taking. She wore a canary yellow mini dress, with heels that made her almost as tall as me. Her hair was sleek and shiny, her earrings bringing out the gold in her eyes. Sometimes being friends with someone as graceful and beautiful as Alice, took a toll on my self esteem.  

            Alice, is it too late for me to bail?”  I asked her as we walked into the Cullen’s garage.

            “Bella,” she said seriously, turning to me. “To love a vampire means you have to make sacrifices. Do you love me?”

            “Of course!”

            “Then don’t ask silly questions like that. By the way, I love you too.” She smiled up at me, pulling Edward’s Vanquish out of the garage.

            “Won’t Edward be a little mad we took his favorite car?”

            “Nope, not if you don’t tell him.” She eyed me crisply. I didn’t reply. To love a vampire like Alice was worth it. No matter how much she irritated me. 



© 2009 Cคɾเภค{♥}

Author's Note

I wrote this for a contest, wat do ya think????? ignore grammer and spelling please. Thanks!

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Cool, I like it! I'm a Twilight fan, too; i think you captured the personalities of the characters almost perfectly. I hope to read more of your writing. =P

Posted 10 Years Ago

I thought it was great, i'm a big twilight fan and i so think it fit right in with the series. Keep up the great writing. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

brilliantly talented naturally! love this ...keep on working those stories. I found this to be so good!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I loved this! You gotta love Alice! :D I really enjoyed reading this! It was very well written, wonderfully descriptive, and greatly detailed! I loved how you wrote it in Bella's POV! Fantastic story! :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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