Full Conception

Full Conception

A Poem by forfila

A child's conception in synchronicity with divine touch

A new arrival with babies blue eyes, and the beautiful child is born crying

Angels rejoice and celebrate as baby feeds in mothers arms.

Heaven whispers, calm, the holly spirit reaches inside the young ones heart

attached are chords of silver, joining soul and flesh in correlated life

Revived, a spirits breathes once more upon its unfulfilled path

A heart that shows eyes of many ages, meditating its way through its reoccurring dance.

This child ages in humanly discomposure, heedless in an enduring search

Though, this child is special

Pure dreams relinquish sheepish thoughts, the

Conscious stills for the unveiled hearts honest ambition

No longer a fear among cause or reason, an angel grants the soul its key to infinite freedom

Endeavors continued with slow change in the quest of the surrendered

Where the child's olden thoughts would crash, new enlightenment had become faithful prayer

Head upon the pillow, Heaven heard the words so rare.

“God. I don't like to weigh down others, so I don't share my pains that need not be shared.

Right now I return to you my life. I repent to you infinitely.”

“God, if it is your will, may I see truths to the burdens of this mind.

I feel like no one knows what it is like to love everything that is alive.

From the small and unnoticed, to the big and beautiful open sky

From a grand child's new born innocence, to the grandparent's glowing pride

From the lambs of spring, to the ancient mountain peeks and ravines

From a homeless man on the street, to the crowned Queen upon her seat.”

“God. My wish is for everyone to see as I that, love is your divine nature

For generations love has been diluted into misconception and confusion

With these eyes I, look back across times indefinitely ravaged by war.

Empires desires of conquest, rule and domination.

The greedy sentencing slavery upon needy

We see scars their children bare

Have their tears ceased?

I don't think so

A repression fueled generation is focused on revenge

Is vengeance just?

With which hands did we sin?

Our Father's, Fathers, Fathers hands?

In which mind do we repent?

In ourselves here now?

No man is any man to judge?

What fool cannot see the innocence in any child's eyes regardless of ancestry.

That fool surely holds no love above own pride”

“God. I feel as if we have a dependency to be lead.

Governments are curbing the insanity ineffable chaos, yet

the seats of leaders evolved out of sin.

Kings and those alike act in extortion and greed, these

shepherds of selfish desires are the fires from which we breathe

So, which of us is fit to lead?

The herd follows, tied up and learned of bitter ways.

Neighbor against neighbor we're competing for any grain

We hear cries of misfortune, peoples tortured by the cycles of hate.

These iron chains binding the blind with pain, each soul captured forming a new link, from kings to peasants we repeat the same foolish masquerade”

“God. I wish to be shown clear a path for me

A way to achieve all I can, and to stand with a certainty for my quest”


In a state of near slumber, deep in the spirits mist, the

Almighty's hand rested upon the child's shoulder just as a strong and unmistakable voice began to whispered softly.

“My child. Rest your weary head upon my being,

Let me alleviate the worry, the pain, the hardships, and frustrations.

My child, I never gave you those emotions, they are love lost.

They each arose in anxiety of your separation from me

They each evolved to separate you among yourselves

They each are tools which evil has produced, not by choice, but in its arrogance.

All the hate, pain, anger, frustrations, and emptiness arose from leaving my infinity

The separation from the self righteous quest for mans own wisdom.

Wisdom minds cannot conceive.

When Adam silently watched Eve eat the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, so began the

loves undoing.

But my child. It is alright, I wish us not to dwell on what you have now come to see.”

“You know that unity is freedoms key.

In this age of information, reach, reach, and reach out to expand the inclusion.

Work with your passions to help

Build Charity as an open book, be devoted selflessly.

I will give you bread, I will keep you dry.

Show the masses my light, but

always keep blame, anger and judgment aside.

“Rise up my child. In ways the world so craves for.

Lead. Seve me, and serve all through me

Yearn to reach youth and to treat the collective needs

Love all, serve all and above all, behold Eve as your beautiful queen

My child, you will not be forgotten.

If no one sees, know that I see

If no one applauds, know that Angels will sing”


© 2008 forfila

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I share your pain. It sucks that so many people reject tolerance, diversity, and unity. I wish they'd understand, but it's gonna be a longshot.

This was a very meaningful poem, and I enjoyed reading it very much. I'll admit it's a little too "Christian rock" for my taste, but I love the basic meaning nonetheless. Thank you very much for posting this.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is wonderful, I give you a standing ovation!!!

-Marvin Lewis

Posted 12 Years Ago

Good story... one worth reading and spreading. Good read. Thanks for sharing.

There are a number of grammatical errors in this piece. I'm not sure that you were looking for me to ignore them or not so I am sorry if I am being too particular.

arrival with babies blue eyes (do you mean "baby's"?)
feeds in mothers arms (mother's)
the holly spirit (holy)
to see as I that, love is (seems the "," should be after the "I")
Our Father's, Fathers, Fathers hands? (father's, father's, father's)

Posted 12 Years Ago

What a meaningful and beautiful write, Matthew....you always write with such reverence in matters as this.

well done, dear

t a, m a

A xox

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Show the masses my light, but
always keep blame, anger and judgment aside.
~I applaud you!!!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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