Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

A Poem by forfila

Just a quick poetic rant about the world


I cast a lazy upon the world



These days of today, so many men sway

At stake, our seed, the mother earth

We try in frustration

In yearning to create, subtle lies taint inspirations

On edge, cursed by this skepticism and uncertainty

Concern brewing, concocting itself with our fears

Efforts of change crushed, its clear nothing is clear

Everything that was ever, is dependent upon a righteous change

Every peaceful measure discarded, then cast to burn among flames



I cast a lazy eye upon the world



Cold war not so dormant, not fought again but, still

Not letting the past fade, ideals of hate tuition for children

Blood spill and killing a prescient for the new generations

In madness we act, sentencing our own kin to loss of innocence

Senseless foundations enduring upon such diabolical endeavors

All we gain is further segregation, so further we all slip down this dusty trail



I cast a lazy eye upon the world



Are lessons to never be learned, are we looking for a change we will never know

Media screens the state of foreign relations, it makes me afraid so

Conveys to Venezuela, the Cuban crisis replayed

Please no, not ever again

Our children, your children don't deserve past controversy upon their plate

Wake up, take view of the elites grasp for light

Join us, one chance, one love, and one opportunity

One attempt at a peaceful us

One attempt for all of life.


© 2008 forfila

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A most keenly observant eye I would say You state your message clearly in well wriiten and reasone poetic prose. Hatred invariably rebounds on the hater with interest.killing merely stimulates more killing in revenge
I suppost it could be natres way of keeping the numbers down

Posted 12 Years Ago

as we discussed before, i think that no matter what the circumstances, it all begins with us. this is so true and the hatred continues. history always repeats itself and though it seems that some do not heed the lessons that history has given us, we are bound to repeat the mistakes made. so how do we break the cycle?

it begins with this:

Wake up, take view of the elites grasp for light
Join us, one chance, one love, and one opportunity
One attempt at a peaceful us
One attempt for all of life.

a powerful that needs to be noticed, as you well know.


Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh my friend, yes you have certainly spoken truth here. History repeats, different round, different players, same game... one that nobody wins. Lessons remain unlearned. Repeat. Repeat. Teaching our children to harbor the same hateful hearts, for which they really know not why, yet they follow. Truly, what sense does it make to hate someone whom one has never met. It's truly absurd and is killing mankind, literally.

One love. I often wonder how we can ever reach that point. It begins within, and so many haven't found God within. I suppose, rather than concentrate on the big picture, we can begin on a smaller scale and let it domino. Hope.... still holding.

Awesome piece Matt!! A well written powerful message...

Posted 12 Years Ago

i liked it..not so much cos of the flow or the poetry but because of the idea, the words, the meaning behind your poem..not just the emphasis on peace but the inherent message of wanting the world to be better than what it is right now...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 4, 2008
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Auckland, New Zealand


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