Coming back

Coming back

A Poem by Cassandra Jane

This is a poem about my struggles going through treatment. P:S: this is my first poem


She had left in a rush  

silently without word 

but she wasn't worried nobody would know 

yet the new school failed just as the last  

Kids whom she could barely remember 

started rumors and would scorn, 

Insults build up, laying heavy on the heart, 

Words turned into fists and yells, 

fights broke out leaving her alone, 

her parents lost faith, 

she was truly all alone, 

wanting an escape, she did the unthinkable 

but was caught by her mother 

she was dragged to the ward and discarded like trash, 

only to be pushed past her boundaries  

the police were called as she told the story 

charges were filed, but she didn't go home 

off to another hospital she was shown, 

Home, she was home for only a few more weeks 

before she was taken away in the middle of the night, 

woken up in North Carolina to a small camp called Trails, 

3 months she was forced to walk 

making fire with only a rock, 

the nights were the worst, 

when she felt all alone, 

rain would bring the thunder,

wet nights ensued with only a small tarp,  

separating the sky's tears from the small girl below 

She remembered her parents promise of a trip 

all she had to do was her time, 

Little did she know all that was a lie  

shipped off to Utah 

She joined a house 

Full of older girls that would get strung out for fun, 

But here they could not and the anger would build 

and they took it out on no one else but her 

months of torment she learned to keep quiet, 

even the one person who was to supposed to help 

turned a blind eye to the feelings she felt,

learning to suppress better than ever she worked her butt off in attempt to go home 

7 months of extreme torture she had finally worked her way towards closure 

Home, she thought of as a place of the past,  

she sat upon the last plane ride back, 

She didn't recognize her own room, 

the driveway seemed crooked and the shingles a different shade, 

But she still didn’t feel whole,

Wanting the final closure, she forced herself to go back to the place 

where her life went to shambles, 

her younger brother a 3rd grader at the same school,  

 So she walked through the front doors, 

drawing eyes upon her  

as well the few blank stares of people who had forgotten she had went there,

Stepping up the stairs  

To reach the place where the bullies and innocents where almost done with class, 

she stood with confidence in the middle of it all as students began to stream out,  

listening to people screaming her name she was shocked back to the present,  

putting on her best fake smile she showed them all 

No one could end the legacy,  

of Cassandra Jane Foster 

© 2021 Cassandra Jane

Author's Note

Cassandra Jane
Ignore grammar or punctuation problems idk what I'm doing.
Does it make sense?
I known some of the transitions are choppy.
Please tell me your corrections!

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Added on December 8, 2021
Last Updated on December 8, 2021
Tags: life, fear, unknown, emotion, lost


Cassandra Jane
Cassandra Jane

Seattle, WA

I'm 16 year old with a troubled past I write occasionally and honestly just want to share my story. more..