The Verses That Haunt Me

The Verses That Haunt Me

A Poem by Cassi M.

A poem about music:)


A flow of notes passes through my body.

It is a mix of rhythms and sounds,

A mix of melodies and harmonies

It is the drug that is intoxicating me,

And though it will not hurt me

I am addicted.


A sweet chorus punctures my brain,

It is all too familiar.

Then a pulsing drum gives way to the climax.

The climax of these verses,

The climax of my experience.


It is like a wave of bliss.

It is like a rush of amnesia,

I forget all of my troubles.

I forget every stress that

Aches in my bones.

I feel the pressure of an

Imperfect life slip away

Into the pumping music that stains my mind.


This disease that infects me

Carrries me beyond the skies.

It carries me into the fragile world of ecstasy.

Nothing is beneath me.

Nothing is above me.

I slowly slip into a comatose

Which is inflicted from this mind bending existence.

I keep the words, that are whispered into me,

Safe in my heart.


The last not eventually fades,

And I return to reality.

But i still feel the pulsing of the music,

I still feel the temptation of those words.


© 2010 Cassi M.

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Well said.
You've described the disease we are all infected with. It is not a malicious one, but a carefully crafted and instilled into us by,
"a mix of rhythms and sounds,
A mix of melodies and harmonies"
Music has extraordinary healing power to make use
"forget all of our troubles" - and
"forget every stress that
Aches in our bones. "

Well done.

Posted 12 Years Ago

nice work...some songs and or music can embed itself deep into the mind and even deeper into the soul...

nice ...

Posted 12 Years Ago

Girl, this explains me all too well haha. I'm addicted to music like a crack head and his crack. I looooove it! (: Just like I looove the poem!! (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

I can identify with this so well, simply because I'm an addict of music as well. :)

I love the adjectives that you used, and the violent undertones that are in this poem. I mean, this was all around amazing.

I loved, loved, love it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 13, 2010
Last Updated on July 13, 2010
Tags: music, bliss, ecstasy, sky, melody


Cassi M.
Cassi M.


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