The sweat lodge

The sweat lodge

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

Healing need the body to be clean. The mind free of disturbance and knowing calm and peace.

                                The sweat lodge.   Chapter for the Water, Sky and Earth.

"If you are invited to a sweat, the 24 hours previous to the sweat should be spent in cleansing, fasting, prayer and meditation on the intended purpose of the sweat, and you should be free from drugs and alcohol. For the greatest spiritual benefit, these conditions should be met. "

Chief Joseph and Don Francis worked most of the night. Chief Joseph was content the moon was complete. A blessing for the smokehouse. He had gather the 28 stones and he had the 8 by 12 lodge prepared.  He find some sleep after some prayer. Jackeline had brought the herbs not found in the Mexico desert.  Garlic was her favorite. She did like the result of the black cohosh. It made the body become more active and strong. Her favorite was the sheep's sorrel. Was hard to find lately. She used the sheep's sorrel in tea. Was a powerful antioxidant for the body.  Winthania with Siberian gingeng  was the key. Need the mind strong to make the body fight back. Jackeline knew. Cancer was hard to defeat. Need the person body and mind with proper herb to be strong. Her goal was to change the sick body to a healthy body. Proper food, tea and the smokehouse. First steps.

Chief Joseph woke up early. He started to heat the stones. He ensured the four doors of the smokehouse were facing the four directions. He had deer skin to block the doors. He would use his sage he carried for 10 years. The burning of the sage was key. He had to bless each person with prayer and smoke before entering the smoke house. He liked the Apache version of the smoke house. There like the sweat lodges. Was more natural.

Coyote, Red Fox and Little Wolf was awoken by Jackeline. She brought fresh rosemary tea and bread.  She told them. We must eat light. The smokehouse is for many reasons. When we live in the world of bad food, drink and pollution. The body is dirty. The smoke will burn the poison from the skin. I made pomegranate drink for after the smoke house. You will need  less clothing and some towels.  You want to relax and close your mind in the smoke house.  If you feel sick or ready to pass out. Touch me or Chief Joseph. We will take you out.   Red Fox looked shaky and asked. Do Little Wolf and Coyote, must they be with us in the smokehouse?   Jackeline smiled and told him. We need strength in numbers. The smoke house had many reasons. Can take a clean heart and mind to places of peace. Will clean the body and if you are willing. Free the body of stress and sometime. Great knowledge can be learn.

Coyote told Red Fox. It is alright brother. Me and Little Wolf are one with you. Jackeline smiled and drank the tea.

"Healing Prayer

Sacred one,
Teach us love, compassion,
and honor.
That we may heal the earth
And heal each other.
 - Ojibway Prayer"

Jackeline watched the kids sit in silence. She knew they had fear.  New ideals are hard learn by this generation. The old way had many things to be saved. The smokehouse was one. Healing for the body  and the mind was needed now more than in the ancient days.

Sioux Prayer

Grandfather Great Spirit
All over the world the faces of living ones are alike.
With tenderness they have come up out of the ground
Look upon your children that they may face the winds
And walk the good road to the Day of Quiet.
Grandfather Great Spririt
Fill us with the Light.
Give us the strength to understand, and the eyes to see.
Teach us to walk the soft Earth as relatives to all that live.
 - Sioux Prayer

Don Francis and Chief Joseph came into the room. They gave one towel to each person. He told Little Wolf and Jackeline. Wear light Summer dresses and Coyote/Red Fox wear shorts and t-sheet. The rocks are ready. Chief Joseph said a silence prayer as each one entered the smokehouse. Coyote like the smell of sage. He saw the four doors and sat down. Chief Joseph came last. They sat in a circle. He told them to hold hands ans close your eyes. He stated a prayer..

Mohawk Prayer

Oh Great Spirit, Creator of all things;
Human Beings, trees, grass, berries.
Help us, be kind to us.
Let us be happy on earth.
Let us lead our children
To a good life and old age.
These our people; give them good minds
To love one another.
Oh Great Spirit,
Be kind to us
Give these people the favor
To see green trees,
Green grass, flowers, and berries
This next spring;
So we all meet again
Oh Great Spirit,
We ask of you.
 - Mohawk Prayer

Don Francis sealed the four doors with deer skins. He thanks the spirits of the moon for the good day.  He asked the gods of the desert. Please help our brother become strong. The bad spirit of war is in his blood. Please give him strength and will to fight a deadly enemy.

                                Coyote/John Castellenas

© 2014 Coyote Poetry

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Author's Note

Coyote Poetry
Finally a new chapter. I hope you enjoy.

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thank you for this Coyote - I am going to be reading it, just skimmed busy today. Coyote Medicine :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Coyote Poetry

4 Years Ago

Thank you Healing Star. I wrote about lessons taught a long time ago.

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1 Review
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Coyote Poetry
Coyote Poetry


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