Ghosts, demons, lovers and lonely corridors

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just thoughts upon life.


                        Ghosts, demons, lovers and lonely corridors

The solemn days leave us with faces of ghosts, demons and angels. The lonely corridors make us wish for less harsh words and less goodbyes. Once friendly faces gone from our life. Make us wish we had expanded the good days, the laughter and the celebration of friendship.

I have learned. You can’t return to where you had begun. The past is a dead-end road to teach us to be kinder and to had loved more.

Pretty woman, laughter of children and the long slow dances are missed. We can be blinded by mistakes and hate. I tell the kids. We all have many ghosts and demons. We will make many mistakes, say too many words and leave sweet lovers in lonely beds never to return.

The corridors of life are fair.  Good and bad decision can lead us to good or bad place?

In sweet dreams we could save the world and  knew the tenderness of love that last forever. We could have never spoke negative words. We could have found the utopia of a peaceful heart and mind.

I know rarely do we know a perfect world. Sometime better to make the good days last forever and forget the bad days and move on.  An honored life is  enjoying the new day a-coming and a lot of laughter and tears.

Coyote/John Castellenas