The Poet's love -The road to Dangriga

The Poet's love -The road to Dangriga

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

A chapter

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Dangriga, Belize.

                           The Poet's love.-- The road to Dangriga

The third day at Puerto Barrio. Johnnie awoke feeling great pain and his body would not move. He tried to get-up and he fell down. He laid on the ground and he felt dizzy. Damn room was moving like a merry-go-round. He knew out-lived the Army doctors opinions at the Detroit V.A. It could be the natural herbs extending his life or maybe he was fighting for his Paloma. His last battle. Lawrence walked into the room and he called-out to him. He yelled out. Lawrence, I have fallen. Lawrence ran to him and he helped him get into the bed. Lawrence told him to take five deep breathe and he reached into his pocket. He brought out some codeine. He went and poured some water into a glass. He turned with tears falling and he told Johnnie. You will need the codeine my friend. You have surpass the point of healing.  Lawrence sat on the bed near him. He told Lawrence. My brother and my friend. I don't fear dying. We must be born and we must die. You, Leo and Paloma made my life worthwhile and okay. The dizziness stayed and Lawrence demanded him to take the five deep breathe and hold them for 10 seconds each. He performed the breathing and he felt better. He knew the codeine kicked in and his body was relaxed again. His vision came back and he told Lawrence.

If I die here or in Mexico. Burn my body and please take me to Port Austin. Burn some sage and drink some lilac wine and some whiskey for me. Toss my ashes in Lake Huron. Lawrence told him. We will make Port Austin. We must. Paloma will need you in Cuidad Juarez. Elena and Paloma came in. They saw the fear in Lawrence eyes. Lawrence and Elena carry him to the clinic. Rosa was waiting. Paloma ran to her clinic and she warned her. Rosa had the bath made. Johnnie stripped down to his boxers and Paloma helped him into the large tub.  He enjoyed the heat on his sore body and he told Paloma. I love you my Spanish honey. They left him alone and he prayed. Please lord of life and death. Allow me a few more days. Please make the cancer dormant for a few weeks. I need to be with Paloma for a few more weeks. I want to be with my dear friends at Port Austin. My Native land and my friends. My Ojibwa blood need the great lakes near. My final request dear lord.

He knew he had a short time to live. He had watched his good friend the Sergeant Major die in 1994. He remember when he lost his balance and then his vision. He died a week later. Rosa watched Paloma face. She was barely standing at the door. Paloma began to fall and Rosa caught her. Rosa took her to a chair and she sat her down gently. She made some rosemary tea and brought a chair near her. Rosa saw the sorrow in her eyes and she wrapped her arms around her. She told her. Johnnie is struggling. The herbs and his strong-willed mind is losing. The cancer is in the blood stream. I'm using the plants of Mexico to fight the spreading. You must leave in the afternoon. Doctor Rodrique at Dangriga will be waiting. A one day stop. She is skilled in acupuncture and she is using the new plants. She is a real doctor. She uses modern medicine and the herbal medicine. Please Paloma, keep the hopeful face. His love for you. Will make him stronger. If you fall to sadness. He will too. Johnnie relaxed after the two hour soaking on a soft cot. He wrote some words.

Baby, sweetheart, my love and my life.
You and I.
We played hide and seek in the game of love.
We had danced by the sea and we had sung to the moon and the sun.
We have ran away from each other and we have run toward each other.

You made me want to live.
I was a dead-man walking and I saw you.
A Spanish beauty laying on a  lonely bed and waiting for death.
I made you laugh.
I made you sing and I made you write.
Maybe I saved you dear Paloma,
but my beautiful lion.
You taught me.
I was okay and you loved me.
I have loved you since the first second.
You saved my my kind lady of love.
                  Old friends

My friends. Leo and Lawrence.
True fighters in a world filled with weak men.
Leo, with hands that can create permanent beauty.
Lover of life and the great sea.
Dear Lawrence.
Befriended a lost soldier seeking quick death with the Honduras rum.
A friend and legend.
The doctor of the Teja coastline.
The smiling and kind doctor.
Saved so many and he was the hands on so many new babies born healthy and strong.
You were blessings to a lost man.
My friends. I love you.
Please don't cry for me.
Celebrate our time together.
Dance on the Trujillo beach and call my name.
I shall hear you.
My Ojibwa blood will find you.
I will smile from hell or heaven.
Lawrence and Leo packed-up the needed items.  Rosa came to them. In two day. Don Carlos, my Nagual friend will meet you at the Mexican border. He will escort you to Cuidad Juarez. No-one will bother you. He is respected and feared. He had powerful medicine for the mind. The medicine he had. It will strengthen the mind of Johnnie. Make him feel like bull in heat. Paloma read the poetry and she asked Johnnie. You have been my everything for 30 years and I will be alone. Soft tears fell from her eyes. He smiled and he told her. Dear Paloma. You shall never be alone. You have Leo the fearless warrior and you have Lawrence. Lawrence, the kind hearten lion. We have shared a thousand days and every one I remember and I'm thankful for. He kissed her forehead and he brought her closer. The codeine helped and he stood-up strong and bold. He kissed her lips and he held her tightly. He whispered. Don't be afraid no-more. You have befriended a whole world and you have great responsibility.  You must write the Susana Castillo Chavez story. You made the soldier poet see the truth. I have fought against war for many years. You made me see. Do something to improve our world, don't accept the world as-is. We are myth and tale for many. You are the Poet's love. We found romance and love in a world going to hell.

    My dear Paloma.
My beautiful Paloma.
You are music to my heart.
I have loved you since I found you in Teja.
Your eyes were cold and dead.
Your heart was broken and bloody.
I sat with you to ensure you were safe.
You became my tropical flower and
I wanted only to protect you and keep you safe from the demons of our world.
You befriended me and our deadly dreams turn sweeter and more hopeful.

Paloma smiled and she told him. Your eloquent words saved me once. I wrote of the painful days. I released them to paper like you told me to. We found equal ground in our silence. You and I learn mutual eyes toward a violence and sickly world. Your soft and kind voice became sweet music to my sleeping heart and body. You made me lose the fakeness of ugliness of the world and learn to dance again. You made me smile and sing again. Rosa came into the room. Johnnie went to her and he kissed her lips and he whispered. First Irish girl I ever kissed. Thank you Rosa for everything. You are a beautiful and wonderful lady. She gave him some codeine and some teas. She turned to Paloma and she told her. Do the tea every four hours. Dr. Rod will give you some better medicine in Dangriga.

Lawrence was driving. Was a long drive. 20 hours later they arrived at Dangriga. Johnnie told Paloma. Wow. A beautiful place. It is paradise. Dr. Rod was waiting at the front door of the clinic and when she saw the truck. She ran toward the truck and she demanded Johnnie to go into the clinic. The treatment will start in fifteen minute. Dr. Rod touched his face and he saw the concern in her face. He told Lawrence. We must work quickly. Don Carlos is waiting for you in Belmopan.

                       John Castellenas/Coyote


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This is so heart wrenching! Hoping beyond hope, I still wish that somehow Johnnie will live. Still, it must be comforting to know he has so many friends who love him.

Take care - Dave

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

Thank you my friend for reading and the comment. The cancer rarely loses. Most men are foolish. They.. read more

1 Year Ago

Yes, I know it's true. Unfortunately I've lost a few because they were so "macho" it couldn't happe.. read more
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A very descriptive chapter here, the imagery is wonderful, kinda even heart tugging I must say.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

Thank you dear Poet. I appreciate the kind words.

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