The Poet's love-- Port Austin, Michigan

The Poet's love-- Port Austin, Michigan

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry

A new chapter

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                                    The Poet's love-- Port Austin, Michigan

Lawrence knocked on the door at seven am. Johnnie awoke and Paloma was still laying on the top of him. He saw she was holding on for dear life. He knew she was scared. The cancer and facing the city of Cuidad Juarez. He went to the city Susana Castillo Chavez after Mexico city. He had burn sage for her and he had prayed she was in a better place. Paloma open her eyes and he told her. Lawrence told us. Time to move, eat breakfast and get on the road. She ran to the bathroom. He watched her with happy eyes. He felt very bad this morning. His legs were gone and his head was spinning. He reached for the codeine and he took two. He knew he was in trouble. He didn't want to scare Paloma. He massage his legs and the codeine was working. Paloma came out and she asked. Why are you still in bed? He told her. Please go get Don Carlos and Elena. Her eyes went cold and she ran to him. She told him. We can skip Cuidad Juarez and you can go into the hospital. He looked at her and he told her. I will be okay. I need Don Carlos medicine and I will be fine.

Don Carlos, Lawrence and Elena came quickly. Paloma was holding tightly to Elena with tears falling. Don Carlos forced down some pills into Johnie and he helped him drank the prepared mango juice. Johnnie told them. Give me a minute and I will be fine. Paloma, please pack the bags. Paloma obeyed and Don Carlos sat with him. He told Don Carlos. Lawrence knowed my wish. Be burn and tossed into Lake Huron. He smiled at Johnnie and he told him. I gave you my last known medicine. It a plant that grow from the dead tree roots in Death Valley, California. It is deadly and it will make the body react. May give you two minute or six months. You are my first test subject. Johnnie smiled and he told him. Legs are working, the mind is working and I can get-up. Thank you Don Carlos. He stood-up and he wasn't dizzy and he went to Paloma. Kissed her often and he whispered. We will make it my sweetheart.

The 20 hours drive went quickly. They saw the signs for Cuidad Juarez. Paloma asked. What will we do first? Don Carlos told her. We will visit some murals and we will meet her family and friends of Susana. Don Carlos gave Johnnie the new medicine and he held Paloma tightly. The six people went to five locations. Four of the murals were large and one was small. Paloma touched each one and she prayed.
                               Susana Castillo Chavez
Dear friend. I cried a million tears for you.
I left you in the Spring.
I did not know.
Our last words were spoken.
You were murdered and I'm alone now.
Dear Susana.
I will not forget you.
My friend, dear poet.
I miss you so.

Don Carlos told them. We have a 2 pm meeting. Johnnie was feeling like s**t. He whispered to Don Carlos. Don  Carlos gave him the mango juice to him and he helped him walk. At 2 pm. Many women and three men met at a open park. The women ran to Paloma. She knew some of them. They talked and cried together. A man, Paloma knew as a local Poet gave her a journal and some letters. His name was Juan. He told her. Here in Mexico. Her story cannot be written. You have letters from her friends and her family. Her family wrote of her youth and her friends.Wrote of her life and her struggle. Please return to Spain and write her story. Susana Castillo Chavez cannot be forgotten. The women went to Johnnie. One of the girls asked. Are you the ghost? No-one had seen your face. He told them. Killing doesn't make things better. The ghost was a myth. He killed without thoughts of the men families. A thirty year-old woman name Rosa looked at him and she told him. The ghost shut down the biggest organization. Our men became brave and the women fought back. She kissed him and she whispered. God had forgiven you. You saved more young girls than you shall ever know. God bless you.

Paloma and Juan talked for two hours. She took some notes and she listen. Don Carlos told her. At 11 pm. Our freight from Houston to Detroit. We leave ASAP. Johnnie was very tire and Don Carlos told him. This is the last pill I can give you.
The herbs and mango juice must maintain you. The five hour drive to Houston was quick. They was no problems at the border. The last pill allowed his legs to stay  strong and his mind to work. They left the truck at a parking area at the Houston airport for Elena, Don Carlos, Lawrence and Leo to get back to Honduras. The four hour flight was nice. Air condition and calm. Also room to move around. Johnnie and Paloma talked and talked. She had read some of the letters and part of the journal. Johnnie was happy because Paloma was thinking again. Her eyes turn sad and she begin to cry. She whispered. You are leaving me and I'm planning the things I can do in the future. He kissed her and he told her. We had many good days. I never regretted my time with you. You made me come alive and dream. You were a rare beautiful things  I have known in my life. You are the Poet's love. Today, tomorrow and forever.

After they landed in Detroit. Johnnie rented the largest bus they could rent. He wanted comfort for the last 5 hours to Port Austin. Leo drove the bus to the thumb of Michigan. Paloma made Leo stop the bus to touch a large cow and she ran through a corn field. Johnnie, Lawrence, Elena, Don Carlos and Leo laughed at her actions. She didn't care. Johnnie danced with her in a corn field. She told him. Dear Johnnie. I should of came here. Open country and nice people. I would of loved it here with you.

The rented four rooms at Port Austin motel near Lake Huron. Johnnie felt okay. He watched Paloma shower and change her clothing. He put on jean and a t-sheet. He told her. I ordered food, some wine and we can set a fire.

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We will celebrate our friendship and make the days sweet and kind. Thank you Paloma for coming to Honduras. You were my first and my last wish. Paloma came to him. Wrapped her legs around him and she kissed him till they fell into the bed. They lay in the bed till Leo knocked on the door and he told him. Time to go my friends. Lawrence and Elena are coming to your room. They will give Johnnie a check-up in a few minutes. Lawrence gave him the basic physical and he asked him. Are you Okay? He told him. No. Death is near. Tonight we drink, dance and laugh. Tomorrow the day could be sad. Don Carlos walked-in and he saw Johnnie face. He and Lawrence helped him to the pier. He told them. The pier goes on for almost two miles. I want my ashes tossed at the end of the long walk.

They drank Michigan wines and talks and talks. Lawrence told stories how they met. I remember Johnnie. Young and strong. I saw him become a kitten for Paloma. Leo was so pretty. He would paint and pain only till Elena bewitched him with her meanness. The blessed man Don Carlos. He brought many people to me. A saint and a good friend. I was the safe house and he was the guardian. We did have fun. We have lived my friend. Leo laughed at Lawrence and he told him. You were my savior. You made your home, my home and dear Paloma called me a faceless man and I saved her and I saved myself. Elena gave him a kiss and she whispered. We fell together and we became one in many adventures. Lawrence is right. We have lived a good life. Paloma stood-up. She kissed Lawrence, Leo, Don Carlos and Elena on the lips. She told them. Us six will become five. What will become of us? I'm the Poet's love and the poet is dying. Johnnie went to her and he whispered. I had a grand life. The best friends you could have, great adventures and I lived the Hemingway life but I got lucky. I marry my Beatrice, dear Paloma. Dear Paloma. You have great responsibility. You must write Susana Castillo Chavez story and live a happy life for me and you. Don Carlos stood-up and he said a loud prayer.
                        Lake Huron
Hear my words Lake Huron.
I'm thankful for this day.
I'm near the water and I have great friends near.
Please take care of us.
Make thing fall right.
Thank you for this day and thank you for another day of life.
Thank you for the blessing of allowing Johnnie to make it home.
His Ojibwa blood need his land, his water and his forest.

Everybody said their goodbye. Many tears were shared. Elena and Lawrence knew. This would be their final words to Johnnie. Lawrence whispered into his ear. I love you my friend. Elena kissed him 10 times and she said I will see you. Leo and Don Carlos helped Johnnie to the hotel room. Leo kissed Johnnie face and he left with falling tears. Don Carlos just watched and he told him. We will meet again at Captain Jack waterfall. He walked away slowly with a heavy heart.

Johnnie tossed off his shoes, socks, pant and shirt. Paloma washed-up and she came to him. She dropped her dress, her silk panties and she laid next to him. She laid her head into his chest. He told her. You are more beautiful than I first saw you in Teja. He was feeling great pain in his legs, head and chest. He reached over and he took three codeine pills. He caressed her shoulders and her face. He asked her. Please sing me a lullaby my love and he kissed her often.
                  Lover, lover, love
                  Love me sweet.
                  Love me lots.
                  Dear Lover.
                  Forget me not.
                  I love you so.
They fell asleep. In the morning. Paloma didn't hear a heartbeat. She slapped Johnnie face and she screamed. Johnnie, Johnnie don't leave me. She ran to Lawrence room and she was crying. She told him. Johnnie isn't breathing.  Elena came and took her to her room.   Lawrence touched Johnnie face and felt his pulse. The body was silence and empty. Lawrence called the police. They came and he had Johnnie Medical records. They took the records and he was tested by the police department. Wasn't a suicide. Leo and Lawrence went to the funeral home. His body was brought to the funeral home and he was cremated. Paloma was never left alone. Between Leo, Don Carlos and Elena. They babysit her with care and concern. Took three days for the ashes to be ready. The five went to every opening on Lake Huron. They fell in love with the private lakes. Everyday Paloma and Lawrence walked the long bridge. It was  a Friday. Paloma held the ashes in a decorated container close to her heart. Five people did the two mile walk and Don Carlos  did a final prayer.

                        Lake Huron,
                        A native son will come to you today.
                        He was a good man.
                        Please direct my Ojibwa brother to his brothers and to his family.
                        Please help us, who are left.
                        We missed our friend.

Paloma released the ashes into Lake Huron.


They drove back to Detroit. A quiet trip. Paloma was going back to Spain and Leo, Lawrence, Don Carlos and Elena were flying back to Houston. The five friends did not know what to say no-more. Don Carlos told them. No blessing in death. We must remember Johnnie. One day we will meet again. Remember we have few true friends in this world. Paloma begin to cry. Lawrence went to her, followed by Elena and Leo. All four were drowning in sadness and in tears. The four friend made plans to meet in October. Honduras is wonderful in October.
  John Castellenas/Coyote


© 2018 Coyote Poetry

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Coyote Poetry
Final chapter.

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Well all is go be said about the natural medicines and strong heart and mind...the rest is as it should be🌹

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Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

Thank you dear Kelly. A hard story to write. Based on my friends loss to agent orange and for Susana.. read more
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Loved all the images in this, so sad yet hert tugging, very descriptive and the characters, Wow!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

Thank you dear poet for your time. A hard one to write. Based on real life and I lost many to cancer.. read more

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Coyote Poetry
Coyote Poetry


A Poet and writer who love to read and write. My pleasure is reading about the bad and good in a life. Also to honor the Poets/Writers of the past by reading their words. Remembe.. more..


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